Does Beer Leave Stains on Carpet in Lancaster, TX? How Do You Get Dried Beer Spills Out of Carpets?

Though dyed-colored drinks like Kool-Aid, juice and even red wines are usually the most notorious of stains, there are many beverages that can be spilled onto carpets. Beer is commonly drunk at parties, relaxing time, and other significant or insignificant activities. It is highly likely that it will spill on the carpets easily with the…

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How Often Should Upholstery Be Professionally Cleaned in Farmers Branch, TX? Second Hand Couch & More

Furniture is not cheap, and when you invest in quality furniture, it is especially expensive. Generally, upholstery should be deep cleaned once a year. There are additional circumstances that warrants a professional upholstery cleaning service. Today, we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to discuss the situations that may pop up where you should…

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