Leather Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning & Conditioning

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, our knowledgeable leather cleaning technicians have the expertise and training to keep your leather sofas, couches, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, loveseats, and more clean and conditioned. Bringing leather furniture into your home or business is a long term investment that will add comfort, sophistication and elegance to all manner of decorator styles. Leather upholstery is a natural product that is extremely durable and with the proper care it will retain its beauty and resilience providing your home or business with years of comfortable service.

Care & Maintenance of Your Leather Furniture to Prevent Damage

As your leather upholstery is used each day, it will begin to wear, leaving your leather furniture with a dull and lackluster appearance. Many over-the-counter products can lead to further damage causing your leather to dry out and crack. At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, our leather cleaning and maintenance program is designed to avoid damage by restoring the natural integrity of your leather. Our leather cleaning protocols will keep the leather soft and supple adding many years of enjoyment to your investment. Our certified leather cleaning specialists are trained to properly care for all types of leathers to keep your furniture looking its very best all year round. The appearance of your leather furniture will begin to change as perspiration and body oils are absorbed dulling the surface of the leather. Stains and dark spots will then become more and more evident as they become embedded deep within the grain of the leather.

Common Types of Stains & Soiling on Leather Furniture & Upholstery

Grease and oils: The oils contained in the skin of people and the fur of animals can transfer to your leather furniture causing damage to the protective finish.
Air pollutants: cooking oils, dust particles and other air pollutants can settle on leather causing damage to the surface of the material.
Everyday soiling: Common dirt and debris including grit, and plant fibers are carried into the home by children, pets and adults before becoming transferred onto your furniture.
Inks and Dyes: Ink and Dye can be transferred to leather from everyday items including newspapers and pens. Dye from clothing items can work its way deep into the fibers of the leather making it difficult to remove without damaging the surface of the leather.

Professional Leather Cleaning Cleaning Specialists

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, our highly skilled and certified leather cleaning specialists have the experience and knowledge to select the best cleaning methods and solutions available to professionally clean your leather upholstery. Our technicians will take into account the type of soil buildup to expertly remove soil and stains before moisturizing and conditioning your leather to protect it and keep it soft and supple. Our expert Leather technicians will help you maintain the beauty of your leather between our professional cleanings by offering you a selection of products including Chem-Dry’s professional soft cleaner and Protection Clean. These quality products are designed to protect your leather upholstery between cleanings by keeping it clean and moisturized.

Leather Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning & Conditioning in Greater Waco, Texas

For more information on leather cleaning and to learn how the experts at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry can keep your leather furniture clean, soft and rejuvenated, contact us today and speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

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