Oriental, Persian, Antique & Area Rug Cleaning

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry our knowledgeable and experienced area rug specialists understand how to care for your treasured and costly area rugs including items made from wool and silk, as well as your one of a kind oriental and Persian rugs. Our skilled technicians will provide a rug cleaning service that you can rely on by preserving the beauty of your area rugs for years to come. The rug cleaning specialists in our employ are certified and highly trained to professionally clean your area rugs using products that are guaranteed to be safe for the environment. Our area rug cleaning service begins with a complete assessment to determine both the color fastness and the most beneficial cleaning method to ensure the best possible results.

Professional On Site Area Rug Cleaning

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, our highly skilled area rug cleaning technicians utilize premium cleaning solutions including The Natural and The Natural for Wool. These superior cleaning solutions combine the power of carbonation to effectively remove stains while preserving the fibers of your rugs. Our products are safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers. The Natural for Wool can be used on oriental, Persian, and many other hand made rugs. Our technicians use specialized truck-mounted equipment combined with heat to extract dirt to the surface along with moisture to whisk all traces of dirt and stains away. In fact your rugs will be left exceptionally clean, dry, and ready to use within two hours or less.

Pet Stain & Odor Treatments for Area Rugs

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, we use a powerful treatment protocol which is designed to removal pet urine from area rugs along with removing persistent odors and stains. Our exclusive Rug Urine Removal Treatment (R.U.T) can remove pet odors and restore your area rugs to their former glory.

Cleaning Services for Antique, Wool, Cotton & Silk Persian & Oriental Rugs

At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, our area rug cleaning technicians will use extra special care and attention when cleaning delicate materials such as wool, cotton and, silk. Since each fabric holds color dye in a different manner, we test each fabric before the cleaning protocol begins to ensure the dyes will not bleed during our professional rug cleaning services. On some occasions, your area rugs need more than just our standard rug cleaning to keep them looking their best along with preserving their appearance.

Additional Area Rug Care Services

• Fringe cleaning service to restore their appearance for a finished look
• Rug protectant to protect precious rugs including wool from everyday stains and accidental spills
• Rug sanitizing to de-sanitize and remove odors caused by bacteria living in the fibers of your rug.
At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, we do more than clean and rejuvenate your area rugs. We can clean and sanitize your carpets and upholstery to improve air quality along with the appearance of your home or office.

Oriental, Persian, Antique & Area Rug Cleaning in Greater Waco, Texas

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