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At Heart of Texas Chemdry we understand how confusing it can be to find quality carpet cleaning services with all the different carpet cleaning methods available to home and business owners in Texas. When you contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives for assistance you will be impressed and pleased with our superior methods of carpet cleaning which are not only effective, but also environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. Our carpet cleaning services include specialty pet stain & odor removal and stain protection services.

The Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution

The secret behind our superior cleaning power is through the use of our specialized cleaning solution that we call The Natural. The Natural is a patented solution which literally releases millions of tiny carbonated bubbles which are designed to penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet to lift dirt and grime to the surface. Our certified carpet cleaning technicians will use hot water extraction to effectively whisk away the dirt as it begins to rise. The carbonating cleaning process is similar in nature to using club soda to remove a stain from a delicate fabric. The Natural is gentle on your carpet fibers yet extremely effective at removing dirt and stains.

Superior Hot Carbonating Extraction Process

At Heart of Texas Chemdry, we recommend our hot carbonating extraction process combined with our powerhead rotary cleaning system and powerful truck-mounted extraction system to home and business owners in Texas. Why? Because our unique carpet cleaning system using The Natural cleaning solution will deliver amazing results.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method Includes:
• Pre-vacuum to remove dry soils
• Pre-spray for high traffic areas to remove any leftover cleaning products from DIY carpet cleaning or other carpet cleaning services
• Pre-scrub to begin the process of removing dirt and grime along with preparing your carpets for the application of The Natural cleaning solution.
• Application of The Natural cleaning solution which is applied hot and requires much less moisture than more tradition forms of carpet cleaning. Instead of the soap and water typically used, The Natural uses tiny carbonated bubbles to loosen ground in dirt and lift it to the surface where it is whisked away.
• Powerful extraction from our truck-mounted extraction system combined with a revolutionary powerhead tool designed to leave your carpets clean, fresh and dry in roughly two hours.
• We will also move your furniture as needed to ensure that all areas of your carpets are completely clean, before returning the pieces to their rightful places.
• Once your carpets are clean and dry we will vacuum to ensure a showroom quality groomed and finished appearance.

Legacy Carpet Cleaning Service: Great Results at Affordable Prices

Our legacy carpet cleaning service includes:
• Pre-vacuum to remove dry soil
• Pre-spray using environmentally friendly pre-treatment solutions
• Pre-scrub to begin the process of removing dirt and other debris while also preparing the carpet for The Natural
• Application of The Natural applied using a buffer to penetrate ground in stains and lift them out of the carpet
• We also move and replace your furniture to ensure an even cleaning process
• Once the legacy carpet cleaning service is complete, we will vacuum your carpets for a completely finished appearance.

Whether you select our hot carbonating extraction process or our economical legacy carpet cleaning service, you can be sure that the experts at Heart of Texas Chemdry will deliver a superior carpet cleaning service that will exceed your expectations.

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For more information regarding hot carbonation extraction carpet cleaning, pet stains & odor removal, and stain protection services contact the knowledgeable experts at Heart of Texas Chemdry today.

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