Why You Shouldn’t Use Carpet Spotters to Treat Stains on Carpets During Cleaning in Bellmead, TX

Spills on the carpets are nearly impossible to avoid. Mud is frequently tracked in, pet accidents happen, and then there is the common drop of the coffee or juice. In any case, your carpets will be subject to spots and it is important that you avoid reaching for the carpet spotter products that create more problems than they solve. We at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to go into why the carpet spotters should not be used to treat the spots that turn up on your carpet.

What Do Carpet Spotters Do?

Carpet spotters are supposed to be used in conjunction with extraction methods for them to be 100% effective. Carpet spotters are actually formulated to loosen and lift the dirt and debris from deep below the surface of carpets. In order to remove soil, carpet spotters are enhanced with soap. The problem with the soap is that it leaves a residue behind that attracts dirt and dust, which will eventually lead to a new stain.

Problem with Carpet Spotters

When the carpet spotter is used, people tend to spray the stain and use a cloth to scrub the inflicted area until they are satisfied the stain is fully removed. Unfortunately, in the days ahead, the soap scum left behind will magnetize the dirt and dust, creating a whole new stain. To avoid such events, be sure to study the label of the carpet spotter and if it reads in the directions “apply to spot before extraction cleaning”, don’t use it. When you see extraction in the directions, the product is to be used with high-powered steamers or extraction vacuums that lift the dirt, debris and stains. A standardized vacuum are not adequate and they can actually get damaged if you try to use a normal vacuum cleaner. If you opt to use these products, be sure you have access to the equipment; without proper training however, you should consider professional cleaning instead. Professional cleaning completely removes the soil deep under the fibers and lift the stains with the aids of these products. Where these products are fickle, it is in your carpets best interest to avoid them all together.

How to Best Treat Carpet Stains Yourself

Combine equal parts white vinegar and water to safely and effectively treat the spots that blemish your carpet. This mixture can even be stored with your cleaning supplies so it is readily available when the accidents happen and you can treat your carpet immediately. White vinegar is non-toxic and safe to use on carpet. Additionally, there is no soap that will leave behind a residue on the carpets and it can efficiently remove spots. During application, spray liberally, but do not over saturate. Use a damp cloth to blot up the spot and repeat until spot is removed. After it is gone, use a dry towel to dry the area as much as possible with a dry towel.

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