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Why I Should have My Mattress Professionally Deep Cleaned in Waco, TX; Remove Stains, Odors, Dust Mites & More

When was the last time you had your mattresses professionally cleaned? Did something happen that demanded a deep mattress cleaning? Mattresses, like our area rugs and carpets, need to be deep cleaned. Even with mattress protectors and bedding, the mattresses themselves can and do become dirty and need to be cleaned to ensure a good…

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What is the Hardest Stain to Remove from a Couch in McKinney, TX? Blood, Red Wine, Chocolate & Tomato Sauce

Many people have upholstered furniture in their homes. It provides a soft and comfortable place to rest and relax. When you purchase a quality piece of furniture, you want that furniture to last as long as possible. Try and you might, there are more than likely going to be spills that happen here and there.…

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How Do I Protect My Rugs from Carpet Beetle Bugs & Moths Eating the Fibers in Uptown, TX? Rug Cleaning & More

There are pests that can invade your home and eat your carpets, curtains and area rugs. Moths and carpet beetles or their larva, literally eat fabric causing holes, bald spots and thinning. These pests can cause some major damage to your home’s carpets and rugs. For those who have invested in Oriental or Persian rugs,…

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How Do You Get Popsicle Stains Out of Carpet in Cockrell Hill, TX? Does Hydrogen Peroxide Take a Stain Out?

The summertime is the season for a refreshing cool treat, whether you have children, or your inner child, a popsicle is often craved. You beat these stains, especially with quick action, as these little popsicle stains on your carpet are not too labor intensive, and these spots on your carpet can be unsightly and even…

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