Why is it Important to Clean Upholstery in West Riesel, TX? Remove Bacteria, Mold, Allergens & More

Home and business owners across the country use professional carpet cleaning services to keep their carpets and area rugs clean and deodorized, yet many of these same property owners neglect to give their upholstery the same care and attention. Your chairs, loveseats, couches, sectionals, ottomans, upholstered headboards and many other items need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep your home healthy and visually appealing. The knowledgeable experts at Heart of Texas ChemDry have provided the following top reasons to get your upholstery professionally cleaned.

Remove Bacteria, Mold & Fungus from Couches

When you stop and think about it, your upholstered furniture is constantly exposed to disease causing germs, bacteria, fungus, and mold spores. Just like your carpets, your upholstery also acts like a giant sponge to catch all manner of allergens. Without professional upholstery cleaning services, your furniture can create a variety of health risks for you and your family. If you suffer with breathing issues, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes you should consider that your upholstery may be the contributing factor. As your furniture ages, it can be exposed to a large amount of dirt, dust, bacteria and other debris.

Upholstery Durability & Longevity

If you neglect to get your upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis you will find that the durability and longevity of your furniture will be compromised. Even household dust can damage your upholstery resulting in thinning of the fabric and a dull lackluster finish. Your Heart of Texas ChemDry experts will provide a professional upholstery cleaning service that can remove microscopic dust particles trapped deep in the fibers of your upholstery to keep your furniture looking crisp and new year round.

Clean Allergens from Upholstered Furniture

Bbecause your upholstery acts like a sponge, dirt, pet dander, dust, and other debris can become trapped deep within the fibers. While vacuuming alone can remove a certain amount of surface dirt it can’t reach the underlying layers which quickly rise to the surface every time someone sits down. Contact your Heart of Texas ChemDry expert to schedule your professional upholstery cleaning service to remove all traces of dust and minimize the risk of respiratory ailments.

Improve Air Quality

Dirty upholstery can have a direct impact on the air quality within your home or business. Professional upholstery cleaning will give the filters in your HVAC system a welcome break along with removing allergens from the fabric to help remove germs and bacteria.

Appearance of Sofa

Regular professional upholstery cleaning services will ensure that your upholstery looks good all year round by removing stains, spots and odors. If you schedule your upholstery cleaning on a regular basis your furniture will not only look good it will smell great as well.

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If you are ready to give your furniture a new lease on life with a professional upholstery cleaning, contact the knowledgeable experts at Heart of Texas ChemDry today.

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