Will a House Be Less Dusty After Air Duct Cleaning in Axtell, TX? Does Vacuuming Carpets Help?

Dirt, dust, and other debris is often tracked into our homes from outside and other means. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can apply to day-to-day life to help minimize the dust and we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to take the opportunity to share them today.

Air Duct Cleaning

It is recommended that our air ducts get professionally cleaned every 2-5 years, depending on the specific circumstances for your home. If you have pets, indoor smokers, and the people prone to allergy and asthma attacks live in the home, you should get the ducts cleaned more frequently. Additionally, the air ducts should undergo a professional cleaning if you have recently renovated, remodeled, or done other construction projects to your home, and after you experience fire/smoke and water damage. Routinely getting the air ducts cleaned can reduce the dust that continually gets added to the circulation, only to settle on the different surfaces.

Maintain Air Filters

Using quality air filters that are the correct sizes can significantly cut down the on the dust, because air ducts sucks air through a filter before recirculating that air back into your home. Additional filtration systems can be incorporated in the air ducts to eliminate contaminates, allergens and reduce the dust and debris.

Have Air Ducts Inspected for Leaks

Over time, the ducts can lose their connection or even suffer damage from different sources. Air duct leaks is the number one source of dust in a house. The air ducts are located in places where dust is in high volumes such as in attics, crawl spaces and behind walls. When you activate the heating or cooling system, the dust will get sucked in to the air ducts. Ensuring the ducts are well-sealed is essential to not only reduce the dust in your home, but to also improve the efficiency of your system.

Seal Your Home

Attic openings, gaps around windows and doors, and cracks throughout the structure allow dirt, debris, and even pests come into your home. Where this may seem obvious, it doesn’t occur to people until it is pointed out to them. With the windows and doors closed, check to see if you see any light or even feel a breeze coming through around the frame. If you feel air or see light, you need fresh weather stripping installed. Evaluate the rest of your home from the ceiling to the floor for gaps and cracks. If any are found, be sure it is appropriately repaired, and your home is ultimately sealed.

Carpet Cleaning

It also helps to use the right tools for keeping your home cleaned. Vacuums are not created equal. The vacuum may not have efficient filters to contain the dust that it has vacuumed, and only spreads it out further. Find a vacuum cleaner with good HEPA filters and change them every 3-6 months. With a quality vacuum with a good HEPA rating, you can more effectively vacuum the dust and debris on the floors, upholstery, and other surfaces. A final cleaning tip is to avoid using fabric softener or dryer sheets on your cleaning rags. When you launder your cleaning rags and microfiber cloths collection, do not use the dryer sheets and fabric softener products because reduces their absorbency, making them less effect to pick-up the dust. When dusting, do not dry dust, be sure to use products to dampen the cloth to pick up the dust.

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