How Does Summer Affect Carpets in Lorena, TX & Why Do I Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Few realize the impact the summer has on carpets where mostly are busying themselves with plans for the warmer months ahead. But once you have been made aware of the grizzly effect the summer can have on the carpets, you might doing what you can the impact. We at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to share some of the dangers summer time can do to carpets and what you can do prevent it.

Longer Hours & More Intense Sunlight on Carpet

The sunlight can have ill effect on carpet. The UV rays dry out carpet, cause the color to fade, and cause other damage to the fibers. During the summer time, the sun’s rays are more potent, and the hours are longer. Though the sun’s effects are gradual, you can often see the difference when you move the furniture. When the colors fade, carpets look dingy and worn. Throughout the year, but especially in the summer be sure to keep your windows covered with blinds, UV film, curtains, and/or drapes. During the peak sunlight hours, be sure to keep the sun covered. Periodically rearrange the furniture to even out the wear.

More Foot Traffic on Carpet than Normal

At the very least, the kids are home from school, and spending more time at home. Additional guests also frequently visit, whether they are the kid’s friends or other visitors stopping by, the extra foot traffic brings in more soil and puts more wear on the carpeting. Managing the dirt and debris is important. If you can, vacuum the carpet on a daily basis, or as often as possible. Invest in outdoor walk-off mats at the common entry points and ensure they are frequently cleaned. For extra help controlling the dirt being tracked in, consider implementing “no shoes worn on carpet” rule as well.

Mold, Mildew & Bacteria in Carpet

Bacteria, mildew, and especially mold are partial to warmth and moisture that summer months generate. The warm temperature mixed with the moisture from excessive humid days, rainy weather, watering the lawn, kid’s water games, or playing in the pool mixed with the carpet can produce any of these microbes. Mold particularly flourishes in the dark, making more likely to grow under the carpet and by the time you realize a mold outbreak, the damage has been done. Try to keep the home dry with dehumidifiers where applicable, ensure the water games stay outside and everyone is dry before making contact with the carpet. During the rainy weather check the windows to make sure they are tightly shut. If any excess liquid lands on the carpet, be sure to use a dry towel to get the area dry.

Insects & Allergy Contaminants on Carpet

Insect activities are high in the summer and seasonal allergies are just as much as a problem. The central air, people, pets, and a number of other factors can introduce allergens and insects in where they are harbored in your carpet. To reduce the allergens and tiny insect life, vacuum often, replace the air filters frequently, and ensure the lawn, trees, and shrubs are kept short and trimmed away from the house.

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With the help of Heart of Texas ChemDry professional carpet cleaning, your carpets can better survive the summer dangers. Your carpets will last longer, look beautiful, and stay in optimal condition. Call us today!

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