How to Remove Dried Pet Urine from Carpet in Woodway, TX; What Neutralizes Stains & Odors?

When dog or cats fail to make it to their sooty zones, in many cases it is your carpets that suffer. Once a pet urinates on carpet, the scent remains and encourages future soiling. To help clean urine stains as well as their odors so that you can discourage your pet from urinating on your carpet again, it is important to clean and remove the stain to the best of your ability. Heart of Texas ChemDry will share a few methods on removing urine stains and odors to help keep your carpets clean.

How Do We Get a Smell from Cat Urine?

When pet dogs or cats urinate inside the home, it will leave both stains and odors. Due to the nature of carpet, it is much easier to remove the stain than the odor. When your pets have their little accidents, it is important to act fast to help remove as much of the urine to prevent later odors. Most people will assume because the stain is gone so is the odor. However, this isn’t true. The stain isn’t just on the surface. It leaks through and goes underneath the carpet and onto the padding. Therefore, urine is still trapped inside. Urine that is left deep inside the carpet will create bacteria, which is the odor you’re smelling.

What Neutralizes Cat Urine on Carpet?

When your pet soils the carpet, quickly grab a paper towel or a cleaning cloth and with mild pressure, press down on the stain to hopefully absorb most of the urine up and out of the carpet. You may need to use several clean cloths or paper towels to help remove most of the urine. You may want to wear gloves or find an object to help put pressure on the urine. Next, mix together white wine vinegar with water into a bowl. You will want a half and half ratio. Make sure you make enough to soak deep into the carpet and even down into the padding. Pour the mixture directly onto the urine and make enough that it soaks down slightly deeper than the first layer. Using a scrub brush, scrub the area. You’ll want to work the vinegar into the carpet. The vinegar with kill the bacteria and neutralize the ammonia in the carpet. After scrubbing at the stain use a paper towel and press down on the stain to soak up most of the moisture. In most situations, you will want to rinse the carpet with water. However, when it comes to urine, leave the vinegar inside the carpet and allow the area to dry. There still will be some of the stain at this point. Once the affected area is dry, sprinkle baking soda over the top were the urine soiled the carpet. While the baking soda sets on the carpet, mixt together ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and apply the mixture on top of the stain. Once again begin scrubbing at the area to remove the remainder of the stain and to hopefully eliminate the remaining odors. Afterwards, use a shop vac and suck up the baking soda and cleaning solution. Finally, with a spray bottle, spray the area slightly and use the shop vac to suck up the rest of the moisture. Allow the area to dry. When using a shop vac, always remove the filter when soaking up moisture. Once the area is dry, use a regular vacuum to restore the carpet’s pile.

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