How Long Does Parvovirus Stay in Carpet & On Tile? Tips to Bleach, Clean, Disinfect & Get Rid of Parvo in Allen, TX

Once your dear canine companion comes down with the extremely contagious virus of Parvovirus, you will find them spending quite a bit of time recovering at your veterinarian’s office. During that time your vet will advise you to disinfect your entire home and yard or risk your dog becoming re-infected with the Parvovirus. Where in…

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New & Old, Set in Dog & Cat Urine Pet Stain Remover & Odor Neutralizer Carpet Cleaning Tips in Harker Heights, TX

Many families own pets. They provide loyalty, comfort, and affection; often when we seem to need it the most. But sometimes, our furry loved ones can have the occasional accident, or even what seems to be a chronic one. No matter the circumstances, you now have pet stains and the accompanying odors that are associated…

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Tile Floor Layout Patterns in Dallas, TX; How to Choose the Right Tile Size, Shape & Pattern for Your Home or Business

When you are making the many decisions involved in tile flooring options, the tile layout is a big one. This will drastically change the appearance of your room when you choose one layout or another. Some layouts work best for small spaces while others are work well for large areas. Sometimes, it comes down to…

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