Why Does Carpet Fade in Cross Roads, TX? Sunlight, Chemicals, DIY Cleaning & More

There are many aspects to carpet care. Most focus on keeping their carpet vacuumed and cleaned. Cleaning up after spills and stains frequently occur, not to mention those occasional pet stains. However, how do you protect your carpet from fading? Carpet can and often does fade. There are many elements that can cause carpet to fade. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share what can cause carpets to fade and how we can prevent it with proper carpet care.

Sun Damage to Carpet

Many people are unaware of the power that sunlight has on our carpets. The UV radiation from the sun can cause carpet to lose its color and fade when it is frequently or constantly exposed to the light. Sunlight comes through the windows in our homes and depending on the type of window, it can intensify the power of the sun much like a magnifying glass. When it comes to preventing fading by UV damage, the best defense is to block out the sun. Avoid leaving windows open for long periods of time, and if possible, place furniture in the sunlight’s path to help protect the carpet from the sun. There isn’t much that can be done with UV damage beside blocking the sun.

Chemical Reactions Causing Color Loss of Carpet

Fading or complete color loss can occur from certain chemical reactions. There are two types of chemical reactions that can cause fading. One is a reduction or oxidation (REDOX) and the other is ionization. REDOX is caused by sodium hydrosulfite or peroxides. Lonization is caused by hydrochloric which mostly affects nylon carpet and not natural wool based carpets. A number of these chemicals are used during DIY carpet cleaning and the effects are usually minimal, but not always. When cleaning carpet it is always recommended to use a product for the type of carpet you have and avoid DIY mixtures as they often have poor results such as total carpet fading.

Carpet Cleaner PH Value

Sometimes fading occurs when the PH value is greater than 0.3 in the water used when cleaning carpets. Most people never consider balancing their water before cleaning their carpet. However, it does play a major role and can cause fading when the PH is too high. Professional carpet cleaners do test the water if the water in the area is known to be higher. Often the water is treated with an acetic acid neutralizer. Wool carpets are vulnerable to PH level versus nylon carpet. If you have wool carpet make sure to test the water PH value before cleaning the carpets.

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When caring for carpets, keeping the carpet clean is essential. However also consider what can cause fading. You will want to continue vacuuming carpet weekly, if not more, depending on the household. Don’t be scared to clean the carpet either. As it may seem more complicated to prevent fading, it is still important to have the carpet clean to ensure a healthy home and for the longevity of the carpet. If you wish to leave cleaning your carpet to the professionals, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry and schedule our services today.

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