Top Causes of Water Damage in Northlake, TX Homes & How to Dry & Clean Wet Carpets

Any time there is standing water in your home, it creates a feeling of panic. There are several causes of water damage and each of them are just as destructive as the next. Some of these problems can easily be avoided as long as you are constantly checking and are aware of all the systems in your home. Other causes of water damage are just the luck of the draw. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share the common causes of water damage to help spread awareness in the hopes that you can avoid water damage in your home.

Water Damage from Leaking Plumbing

One of the most common causes of water damage in homes comes from their plumbing system. Sometimes there are pipes that burst. The water main usually runs through your property and can start to cause problems as it ages. Other times, the water main bursts because tree roots have infiltrated, causing a great deal of damage. Some plumbing issues come from pipes that are located within your walls and are hard to detect until they have caused extensive damage as well. Often though, there are pipes that are visible beneath sinks or around toilets that can leak and cause damage. These plumbing issues are easier to catch.

Water Damage from Malfunctioning Washing Machine or Other Appliance

There are many appliances in your home that use water. If they malfunction at all, you can end up with damage to your home because of standing water. Some of the appliances in your home that could be a cause for concern include dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, hot water heaters and more. If your appliances are getting older, it is time to start paying particular attention to their performance and checking all the pipes and connections for signs that they are aging and damaged.

HVAC System Leak Causing Water Damage

Your HVAC system is also a common cause of water damage in homes. Your air conditioner poses a bigger threat than anything else. Your air conditioning system works to remove moisture from the air and when it isn’t working properly, there can be a great deal of moisture buildup in your home. If it is left and not attended to, mold can begin to grow and cause damage.

Flood Damage from Storms & Natural Disasters

When Mother Nature strikes, the damage left in her wake can be devastating. It is best to fortify your home in every way possible if you live in an area that regularly experiences severe weather including heavy rain, hurricanes and flash flooding. When you ensure your home is ready for these heavy storms, the damage is often minimized.

Water Damage Restoration Services & More in Waco, Dallas, Arlington, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

If you have water damage of any kind in your home, it is important to act quickly in an effort to avoid mold and mildew growth. The experts at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry offer fast response times when you experience any water damage. We will work to dry out your home with our industrial strength fans and then clean and deodorize your carpets to help minimize the effects of water damage on your home. Call us today!

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