How Do I Keep My Carpets Clean & Fresh After Professional Carpet Cleaning in Richardson, TX?

When you walk into your home to see clean and pristine carpets, the last thing you want to do is mar them in any way. Most people want their professional carpet cleaning to last as long as possible. By following some simple tips, you can extend your professional carpet cleaning to last far beyond the day the carpet cleaning professionals leave your home. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share some tips to help you extend your professional cleaning as long as possible.

Let Carpet Dry Completely

It is important that you allow ample drying time for your carpet after a professional cleaning. This means that you should avoid walking on it or moving your furniture back into the space until the carpet has had time to completely dry. It will be tempting to put your space back together, but this can interrupt the drying process and cause re-soiling to happen much faster. If you have ceiling fans or box fans, they can help the drying process speed up quite a bit. It should be noted that ChemDry carpet cleaning process offer a faster dryer time.

Remove Your Shoes when Walking on Carpet

You would be surprised at the amount of dirt, grime and debris that accumulate on the bottom of your shoes. By requiring those in your home to remove their shoes before entering your home, all that grime stays outside where it belongs. When shoes are used in the house, that grime transfers onto your carpet, leaving the carpet dirty.

Vacuum Carpet Often

Vacuuming seems like a simple enough task, but the truth is, when you vacuum regularly, you are removing dirt and dust from your carpet that works to break down the fibers. This can not only extend the professional cleaning that you just had done, but it will extend the life of your carpet as well.

Rotate Furniture on Carpet

Traffic patterns often start to appear on your carpet when you have your furniture in one place at all times. When you move your furniture around, it disrupts those traffic patterns and will help you extend the life of your carpet as well as the cleaning job you just had performed.

Use Entry Mats & Entrance Runners to Trap Dirt

You should have a floor mat at every entry into your house. Entry mats give guests and those living in your home a chance to take off their shoes, make sure their shoes don’t have any grime on the bottom of them and preserve your carpet in the process. Entry mats are a must if you are looking to keep your carpets cleaned after a professional cleaning.

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Having your carpet professionally cleaned is part of maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of your carpet. The carpet cleaning experts at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to offer our professional carpet cleaning service. We will help you extend the life of your carpet and keep them looking brand new as we remove even the toughest stains. Call us today!

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