How Often Should You Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned in Plano, TX? Pets, Kids, Traffic & More

If you have carpet in your home, you probably know and understand that to properly care for and maintain it, you need to have professional help. Having your carpet professionally cleaned will remove the finest dirt and dust that is often trapped in the fibers of your carpet, along with any staining that has happened over time. How often you have your carpet professionally cleaned is different for everyone. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to talk about the many different variables that help to determine how often you should have your carpet professionally cleaned.

How Often Do Carpets Need to be Cleaned?

There is no clear cut answer for how often your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned. While it is most experts will highly recommend that you have your carpet cleaned once a year, there are many situations that could make you want to clean it more frequently than that. Here are some of the different reasons you may choose to have your carpet cleaned on a more frequent basis.
– How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet with Pets & Kids: If you have small children or pets in your home, you are more likely to have your carpet cleaned more often than households that don’t. Pets and kids have accidents whether it is a potty accident or a spill, that will leave your carpet dirty and in need of deep cleaning.
– Frequency of Carpet Cleaning in a Sandy, Rainy or Snowy Area: The location of your home can have an impact on how often you have your carpet cleaned. If there is mud, heavy rain or snow, sand or other elements that could get tracked into your house, you will more than likely need professionally carpet cleaning more often.
– Does Carpet Cleaning Help with Allergies: If a member of your family has allergies, it could cause you to have your carpet cleaned more often. Allergens collect in the carpet fibers and having them professionally cleaned will remove those allergens.
– Do Shoes Ruin Carpet?: When you have people remove their shoes upon entering your home, there is a significant decrease in dirt and debris getting tracked in your home. If people are wearing shoes in your home, it can leave high traffic patterns much more prominent than a home without shoes worn in the house.
– Keep White & Light Colored Carpet Clean: People choose carpet of all different colors and materials for their home. Some colors and materials will wear better and hide wear than others will. This is something every homeowner should think about when choosing carpet for their home.
– Professional Cleaning Maintains Carpet Warranty: When you have carpet installed in your home, there may be a warranty that comes with it. Many warranties require getting your carpet professionally cleaned often to keep the warranty intact.

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Having your carpet professionally cleaned by the professionals at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will help extend the life of your carpet. We can remove even the toughest stains and odors from your carpet. Call us today!

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