Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Wilmer, TX; Wet Carpets, Scrubbing Stains, Not Rinsing & More

Carpets can last between 10 to 15 years with proper care. Carpet is a great flooring that helps to provide a soft, non-slip surface and reduce the noise. Carpets, like any other material in the home, require proper care or they will often require early replacement. Many homeowners will often ruin their carpets faster as they do not care for the carpets properly. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share some of the carpet cleaning mistakes, and how to ensure you have long lasting carpets.

Don’t Rub or Scrub Carpet Stains

When you need to rush to clean a spill or stain on your carpet, many people will pour a cleaner on the stain and start rubbing or scrubbing in hopes to remove the stain. This may sound crazy, but you should never scrub or rub a stain too hard. By rubbing or scrubbing a stain, you will spread it. This creates bigger and deeper stains. To clean a stain you want to use a blotting or dabbing technique. You will first want to blot at the stain with a dry cloth to absorb as much of the moisture as possible. Then apply your carpet cleaner and blot some more at the stain. When cleaning larger stains, start blotting from the outside and work your way inward. This will help prevent the stain from spreading.

It is Necessary to Clean & Rinse Carpet Until Water is Clear

Even with all of the proper cleaning methods you can ruin the carpet if you do not rinse the site afterward. You will want to rinse the site of the stain with plain cold water. If you leave even a mild soap residue, the soap can trap dirt and create a hard, dirty chunk in the carpet. The final step of cleaning any stain is rinsing with plain water and blotting the site until it is damp.

Avoid Cleaning Carpet Stains with Colored Cloths

Another common mistake when cleaning a stain is using a colored cleaning cloth. Most carpet cleaners use a color removal solvent that can cause the dye in the cloth to bleed. When using a colored cloth, you could potentially cause the dye from the cloth to stain your carpet. For this reason you will want to always clean stains with a white cleaning cloth.

Over Soaking Wet Carpet During Cleaning is a Mistake

Many people will buy their own carpet cleaning machine and will deep clean their own carpet. When doing your own carpet cleaning one of the most common mistakes is over-soaking the carpet. Often when cleaning their carpet, the homeowner will apply too much soap and water over the carpet and they do not extract enough of the moisture out of the carpet. By leaving the carpet too damp, they ruin the carpet’s pile and even encourage the development of mold. When cleaning carpet you never want to over soak the carpet and make sure to take the time to extract the water out of the carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

To ensure the carpet is properly cleaned and maintained make sure to take the time to learn how to properly care for the carpet. For additional aid you can contact a professional carpet cleaning service to help remove stains, deep clean your carpets, and more. For quality carpet care services contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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