How Do You Take Care of a Real Leather Couch & What is the Best Way to Clean a Sofa in Sunnyvale, TX?

Leather upholstery in your home is a luxury that requires a lot of care and dedication. Leather needs to be properly cleaned and protected to extend the life of the upholstery and prevent damages. Where leather is one of the more costly upholsteries it is important to ensure it is properly maintained. For those who own leather upholstery in their home, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tips for maintaining leather upholstery.

What Do I Clean Leather Furniture With?

Even though leather is a rather hardy material, it still requires proper care which includes regular cleaning. With proper and routine cleaning you can greatly extend the life of the leather as well as its beauty. It is recommended to do a basic cleaning twice a week to ensure the longevity of the leather. When cleaning leather you should use a soft cloth to brush off dust and other substances that may have settled on the surface. Remove the cushions and vacuum anything that is at the bottom of the furniture. Dampen a cloth using distilled water, gently wipe down the leather. Never use tap water as the chlorine can damage the leather. Or you can use specialized leather wipes or cleaning products as well. After cleaning the leather leave it to dry naturally, never use any fan or heater or blow dryer to speed up the process. It is healthier and safer for the leather to dry naturally. As a side note, avoid any colored cleaning cloths as the dye can soak into the leather. Always use a white cloth to wipe down and clean the leather.

How Do You Condition Leather?

Leather contains oil which over time will dry out. Once the leather dries out, it will begin to crack and break apart. To prevent the leather from drying out, you will need to replenish the oil. Use a good deep leather conditioner that will help maintain the needed oil in the leather. There are many different types of leather conditioners. However, it is recommended to use a leather protection cream. A leather protection cream will help to oil and protect the leather. Make sure to get the right type of protection cream as some will be pigmented, or some may have or not have aniline. You must know what time of leather you have and what type of conditioner it will need. Along with a conditioner, also consider using a leather buffer afterward to give the leather a bright shine.

How Do You Make Leather Upholstery Last Longer?

Along with proper cleaning and proper care, there are other ways you can help protect your leather upholstery. For one, you never want the leather in direct sunlight. Sunlight will bleach out and dry out leather which will reduce its life. Additionally, leather can stain. To prevent staining, make sure to clean up spills including ink or markers. To prevent permanent stains you will want to act fast.

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

For those who have invested in leather upholstery, you will want to ensure they last forever. With proper care, combined with professional cleaning services, your leather can last decades. For leather cleaning and much more, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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