Tile & Grout Mistakes to Avoid in Uptown, TX; Using Bleach or Ammonia to Clean, Scrubbing & More

Tile is thought of as a very durable and sturdy material that is used for floors, countertops and walls. It is easier to clean and impossible to mess up, right? No, you can actually ruin tile and grout when it is not cared for properly. Tile and grout can develop stains, bacteria, and even erode if not cleaned and cared for properly. To avoid damaging and ruining your tile and grout, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share some of the common tile care and cleaning mistakes that homeowners commonly make.

Avoid Excessive Scrubbing of Tile Floors

Tile is believed to be very strong and when it needs deep cleaning, you can simply scrub it down. Some people will even use super abrasive tools to remove hard water stains and soap scum off of their tile. They will even use steel bristled brushes to scrub the grout lines. Even though the tile and grout may seem durable, you should never scrub them down with abrasive tools and use harsh cleaners. Both the tile and grout can be damaged and even ruined when excessively scrubbed down with the wrong tools. When cleaning tile and grout avoid using abrasive tools to can damage the tile and grout. Use soft mops, cleaning cloths and at most, a cleaning sponge on the tile to prevent damaging your tile.

Don’t Use Bleach or Ammonia to Clean Tile & Grout

When cleaning both tile and grout be careful of what chemicals you use. Many people will use bleach to deep clean their home, especially now during the pandemic. However, do not over use bleach. Bleach can damage tile and even bleach out the color of the tile and grout. Ammonia is another commonly used cleaner that can ruin the color in the tile and grout. Some cleaners can also weaken the grout line and cause the grout to break and crumble. Using bleach and ammonia has their place. However, do not over use these chemicals. For routine cleaning use a more mild surface cleaner or use natural based cleaners such as vinegar and water.

Not Cleaning Tile & Grout is a Mistake

Because tile is easily cleaned many people will put off cleaning their tile. However, this is a mistake. You should never hesitate to clean up spills and to sweep the floor daily. Tile and grout needs to be kept cleaned. For those who seal their tile, the sealer can be ruined by dirt if left on the floor for too long. Spills can even stain the tile and or grout, leaving permanent stains deep in the pores. Even though tile feels like it is water proof and has a cleanable surface, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect cleaning the tile. Make sure to keep the tile clean to ensure the longevity of the tile.

Must Protect Tile Flooring from Furniture

Tile can become easily cracked, chipped or scratched and often does due to furniture. Furniture can easily damage the tile’s surface, leaving behind permanent damages. When the home has tile floors, it is recommended to use furniture protectors. The furniture’s feet should use a furniture pad to help protect the tile from damages. Do not assume the tile can handle the abuse from the furniture. Make sure to always use furniture pads or protectors to prevent damaging the tile.

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Make sure to properly clean and care for your home’s tile. If you need help deep cleaning and sealing of your home’s tile, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry.

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