How to Take Care of Your Leather Couch in Allen, TX; Routine Cleaning, Treat Scratches & More

When it comes to leather upholstery, it typically includes a fairly sizable investment. Considered a luxury, upholstery can be fitted with nearly any interior design and blends in with other furnishings. In an effort to further your investment, you want to make certain the leather is well taken care of. With routine maintenance and care your leather upholstery can last far beyond its years while staying in optimal condition. We at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to share some tips and advice in the care you provide for your leather upholstery.

Leather Care Tips

1) Daily Cleaning. Optimal for your level, basic cleaning as often as possible is highly recommended. Be sure to clean your leather as frequently as possible, daily cleaning routines are ideal if you have the time to spare. Utilize the vacuum’s hose and attachments to extract the debris in the button tufting, cushions, under cushions, creases and crevices, sides, back, and top of the leather upholstery. With clean cotton or a microfiber cloth wipes down the remaining dust residues.
2) Treat Scratches in Leather. Leather can easily be inflicted with scratches. It is definitely in your better interest to avoid scratches. Do so by keeping the sharp and abrasive items away from the leather whenever possible and should any scratches occur, utilize a chamois to buff them out.
3) Leather Conditioner. Leather can dry out and decay if it does not retain enough moisture. Conduct periodic conditioning treatments every 6-12 months. Dryer climates should consider quarterly treatments. Department or auto stores carry leather conditioner for upholstery.
4) Immediately Dry Accidents on Leather. It is probably in your better interests to implement the “no eating or drinking” rule on the leather. Whether you do or not, and whether people comply, should spills make contact with your leather, it is imperative that wipe away the offending messes. If you discover any linger crust or stains, use a damp cloth to wash it away and immediately follow up with a dry cloth to ensure all moisture is completely removed.
5) Avoid Abrasive Tools on Leather. It is crucial you do not reach for harsh soaps, detergents, cleaning solvents or ammonia based cleaners to attempt to remove any stains, spots, or layers of filth when treating your leather upholstery. Harsh chemicals are not the only thing to avoid but also abrasive tools. Stick to only using a microfiber or cotton cloth to clean spots or perform the leather conditioner treatment. Water or any kind of liquid cleaner apart from the conditioner should not make contact with your leather whenever possible as moisture causes damage.
6) Avoid Direct Heat on Leather. Like wood, leather is vulnerable to heat sources, and like wood, when it is exposed to heat, the leather dries out causing early deterioration. Never place your leather furnishings next to fireplaces or radiators and ensure that direct sunlight does not make contact in an effort to avert heat from causing the damage. The sun’s rays will quickly fade the color and dry it out resulting in stiff and cracked leather, eventually causing irreparable damage.

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