How to Clean & Remove Old Red Kool Aid Drink Stains from Carpet in Cedar Park, TX

Do you have kids in your house? Well then you are sure to have one of those days where the kids seem to spill everything. You hand them a cup of Kool aid, turn your back and in a second it is poured out on nothing other than the carpet! There are spills that are difficult to clean but it seems that Kool aid is one of the hardest! The Kool aid seems to get in the carpet fibers and stain so quickly that it is hard to get it out. Have you ever wondered why Kool aid is so hard to get out? One of the main reasons is that Kool aid is full of dye. The dye is what gives the Kool aid the fun and vibrant colors that entices kids to ask for it. That same dye is what soaks into the fibers of your carpet and get in deep. When you are dealing with a Kool aid stain you need to clean it the right way to ensure it is removed.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry Lists Steps to Take When Trying to Clean Kool Aid Stains Off Your Carpet

Clean Carpet Spills Right Away: This is actually the first step when you are dealing with any kind of spill from water to coffee. When you are dealing with a spill of Kool aid you need to get to the stain as quickly as possible. The faster you get to the stain and start working on it the better your chances are of removing it. The best possibility is if you see the spill happen and you get right into the cleaning.
Remove Excess Liquid from Carpet: The next step you need to take to is to try and remove as much of the excess as possible. That means you should have an emergency spill kit somewhere so you can get into action right away. Use a clean white cloth to dab away what you can. You can apply downward pressure which will pull the spill out of the carpet and into the rag. This will help make sure that the stain does not spread any further than the area that was first affected.
Make Your Carpet Cleaning Solutions: You can buy cleaners at the store that are used on your carpet but they are probably expensive and they could be damaging to your carpet. The better option is to make a cleaning solution at your house. Get a spray bottle and add about a tablespoon of dish soap. Then you can fill the rest of the bottle up with warm water. You want to use the cleaner to saturate the area and allow it to sit on the stain for about ten minutes. Then you want to use another clean cloth to dab the area. This will pull the cleaning solution and the stain that has been lifted from the fibers.

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