How to Locate & Get Rid of the Source of Smells in the Carpet of Your Harker Heights, TX House

Carpets easily trap in dirt and other particles which make the carpet look dirty. However, looks aren’t nearly as bad as the smell that often accompanies it. If your carpets smell, your entire home smells. The worse and most common source of odor is body fluids or urine from our lovely pets. Pets are one of the worst culprits and can leave behind unknown urine spots everywhere. When pets potty inside the home without your knowledge, you will eventually detect the odor from the urine. When the source of odor is difficult to find for proper treatment, you may feel at a loss. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tricks on detecting the source of the odors in your home and in your carpets.

Pet Urine Stains Set in to Carpet

Most odors are from body fluid or urine. Luckily, both can be located with the aid of a UV black light. The areas where the odors are the strongest are a good place to start. With an UV black flashlight, dim the light and start looking for illuminated spots on the carpet. Decide on a method to mark where the urine or body fluid stains are located. Draw up a picture of an above ground layout of the room or place something to on top of the stain as a marker. It is important to understand that pet urine or body fluids aren’t the direct cause of the odor. Instead, it is the bacteria. As the urine or fluid sits, the bacteria develops, which then becomes the source of the odor. The challenge is that most of the stain has soaked down into the carpet and into the padding. This makes it difficult to remove the odors at times.

How Can I Remove Dog or Cat Urine Odors from Carpet

After you have located the source of the odors, make note of the size of the stain. Keep in mind that the under padding will most likely be twice as large. When treating the stain double, if not triple, the size of the cleaning area. This is because as liquid soaks through the carpet down into the pad, the excess liquid spreads out causing the bottom layer to be bigger. There are a few ways to treat carpet odors. Remember to treat a larger area when you do. One method is using white wine vinegar. Mix half to half water with the vinegar together and soak the affected areas. The vinegar doesn’t stop the odor, but the source. Vinegar can kill the bacteria producing the odor, which is why vinegar is the first step to cleaning your carpet and treating odors. Next you will want to clean the entire carpeted area. You will want to clean the carpet to help remove the vinegar and the urine or fluid. After the carpet has been cleaned and is dry, use baking soda generously on top of the affected spots. Let the baking soda set over night on your carpet, then remove the baking soda by vacuuming the carpet. This should help remove the odor from your home.

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If you can’t remove the odor yourself, consider using a professional. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry provides specialized P.U.R.T odor removal and carpet cleaning services and more. Contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today to schedule our professional services!

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