How to Choose an Area Rug in Cedar Park, TX; Color, Size, Texture Cleaning & More

Choosing the right area rug for a space is no joke. It can either make or break the room depending on your area rug choice. There are three considerations that need to be made when you are choosing an area rug: color, texture and size. If you don’t get any one of those areas right, it can make your room feel awkward rather than well done. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to share some tips that will help you nail down the right area rug every time.

Choosing an Area Rug Color

If you are in the beginning stages of designing your space, it is best to choose the area rug before you choose anything else. The area rug is a big enough feature in the room that it will act as one of the main pieces of furniture. Choosing the right color is an obvious start. Look at the colors in the room. If you have a lot going on already, you may want to stick with one color. If there are a lot of neutrals in the room and it is absent of color, choosing a bold rug can really make the room beautiful. When choosing the color, you need to take into consideration all aspects of the room. Don’t forget to consider the colors in the flooring, the walls and the trim as well as other décor that is present.

Choosing the Right Area Rug Texture

This is often overlooked in the rug shopping process. It can add an incredible amount of dimension to your space when you choose a rug with good texture. One thing to think about as you choose a rug with the right texture is the main purpose of the space. If you have a space where a rug with a lot of texture could pose a tripping hazard and a decent amount of traffic will be coming and going, you may want to reconsider the rug choice.

What Size Area Rug is Best

This is where things can go south real quick. If you choose a rug that is obviously too small for a space, it will leave the whole design of the room feeling awkward. Your rug should cover the entire sitting area of the room. As a good rule of thumb, at the very least, the front legs of the furniture should be on the rug. This includes all beds, chairs, and sofas. If you are placing the rug beneath a dining table, all four legs of the table should be on the rug and when the chairs are pulled out, their front legs should still rest on the rug.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning & More in Waco, Dallas, Arlington, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

No matter what area rug you choose for your space, the right maintenance is key in extending its life. Your area rug should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to maintain its beauty and color. The cleaning experts at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry offer area rug cleaning to keep your area rug beautiful. Call us today!

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