Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Work & is it Worth Hiring a Company in Allen, TX?

With regular vacuuming cleaning and deep carpet cleaning, your carpets will maintain a healthy state, look great and potentially extend past their projected lifespan. Manufacturers recommend the carpets get deep cleaned 1-2 times a year in order to remove the dirt and debris below the surfaces and it is effective at removing stains and spots as well as controlling and removing odors. When it comes to giving your carpets a more involved cleaning than vacuuming, there are DIY methods and professional carpet cleaning services. We at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to take an opportunity to discuss the DIY deep carpet cleaning versus professional deep carpet cleaning for your Texas home.

DIY Carpet Cleaner Rental Equipment

Typically, available in department stores and home improvement stores are carpet cleaning machines you can rent. Renting can be an optimal solution for those who don’t have the space or the budget to buy their own carpet cleaner machine. When you need to take care of isolated spills or want the carpets cleaned to help control allergens, a rental machine can help. These units can often take care of occasional pet accident cleanup, remove a portion of the dirt and debris that is triggering allergies, and is moderately effectiveness combating odors. But when compared the efficiency and power to professional grade equipment, it cannot rise to the challenge.

Do Carpet Cleaners You Can Buy for Your Home Work?

As opposed to renting a carpet cleaning machine, many homeowners turn to purchasing one. They are handy and convenient when frequent spills and pet accidents occur in the home. The consumer products can help homeowners tend to the spots before odors and stains develop. Where the use of the carpet cleaner can be helpful and even reduce the need for frequent professional carpet cleaning, however, home or rental machines are not a replacement for professional carpet cleaning services. At the minimum, professional carpet cleaning needs to be done once a year to make sure the dirt and debris is removed, and spots and stains are extracted, and odors are lifted and prevented.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Consumer carpet cleaners only hit the surface. As mentioned, these machines are not as powerful as professional equipment. They are only moderately effective at removing the dirt and debris, any spots, and some stains, as well as some odors. Where they can contribute to maintaining healthy carpets, they cannot compare to professional equipment. Licensed professionals have high-powered equipment that is effective at removing the compacted particles and contaminates as well as the tough stains and potent odors.

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Deep cleaning the carpets is an essential part of maintenance. Not only does it keep your carpets in better condition, but it improves indoor air quality, reduces allergy and asthma triggers, and so much more. Where DIY carpet cleaning can be useful to incorporate into the care of your carpets, you should never neglect professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaning is far more efficient about removing the contaminates, stains, and odors, than any consumer machine available. When the carpets in your Texas home need professional cleaning, call Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today and we will take care of your carpets.

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