How to Dry Wet Carpet & Upholstery After a Leak or Flood to Prevent Mold in Hillsboro, TX

When your carpet gets flooded, it is important to dry the carpet out quickly and properly treat the carpet to prevent future mold. If you have faced a major flooding in your home and your carpet got completely soaked, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share how to deal with flooded carpet. We will walk you through the steps of what you should do in the event your carpet gets flooded.

Drying Wet Carpet After Water Damage

Step 1. Start by removing the water. Most shop vacuums can be used for water, but you will need to remove the filter. You can also rent a vacuum designed for sucking up water. This may take some time depending on how bad the flooding. Nevertheless, make sure you remove as much of the water as possible.
Step 2. Once the water has been removed, use fans to help dry the carpet out faster. Additionally, open all of the windows to help circulate more air into the room.
Step 3. Use a dehumidifier after the carpet feels dry. This will help remove all of the moisture out of the carpet which is essential in preventing mold or mildew growth. You will want to turn on all of the lights in the room and add extra if possible. Leave the lights on until the carpet is completely dry. The light can help kill mold spores in the carpet.
Step 4. Next do a light cleaning or treatment of the carpet with a chem-dry carpet cleaning and let it dry. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it thoroughly and then pull up the carpet up, roll it, and place it to the side. Remove the under padding of the carpet and replace it. It is nearly impossible to prevent mold from developing inside the padding which is why you must replace it.
Step 5. Before you replace the under padding you will want to treat the surrounding areas. Using 50% bleach and 50% water. Mix them together and then clean the foundation or sub floor, the baseboards, and the surrounding walls. Once the area is bleached, replace the under padding and reinstall your carpets. Vacuum and clean the carpet once again to ensure your carpet is clean.
Step 6. Before you bring your furniture back into the room and on your carpet, clean and treat all of the furniture. On solid furniture, use the bleach and water mixture and wipe down the furniture. For upholstery clean the upholstery and treat them for mold. Curtains should be washed along with any other washables.

Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company to Prevent Mold

It is important to prevent mold from developing. Make sure you’re not bringing in an item that is developing mold or the spores will spread and infect the room and carpet. It is strongly recommended to seek professional help when it comes to restoring carpet after a flood, especially when it’s a major flood. Professionals are trained to be thorough and prevent mold growth in your carpet and home after a flood.

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