Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) Carpet Cleaning VS Steam Cleaning in Garland, TX

Natural, longer lasting carpet cleaning vs traditional steam cleaning. Hot carbonating extraction provides you with the best carpet cleaning possible. How does it differ and outperform traditional steam cleaning? Green-certified solutions are used along with professionally trained technicians that use the equipment necessary with this method of carpet cleaning. Carpets are cleaned deeply and will stay clean longer for a healthy home and environment. The power behind hot carbonating extraction penetrates deeply into the base of the carpet and explodes dirt and grime off the surface of the carpet fibers. Then hot water is used to extract the dirty particles to the surface where they are cleaned away. Carbonation works at a molecular level to lift dirt particles, and with less suction there will be less damage to your carpet. Think about using club soda to remove a stain from clothing. The carbonating solution creates a powerful reaction that cleans deep.

Hot Carbonating Extraction Equipment

Traditional steam cleaning pumps high amounts of soapy water into your carpet using high pressure. This can be hard on your carpet and can push dirt deeply into the backing and padding of your carpet. The HCE method of carpet cleaning uses much less water, about 80% less and still cleans more effectively. With steam cleaning, the hot water is sprayed at 400-600 PSI and can push moisture and dirt deeper into your carpet. The lower pressure of HCE is easier on your carpet and there is more emphasis on extraction to pull more moisture out of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaner Products

The products used in carpet cleaning have a big impact on your carpets. They affect how they get cleaned and how long the clean will last. Steam cleaning products can leave a soapy residue behind that can attract dirt more quickly, making it look dirty a lot faster than you’d like. HCE products are made with natural ingredients without any soaps and won’t leave a residue behind. The residue left behind with steam cleaning solutions can also be sticky and harder on your carpet. Chemicals can harm your children and/or pets too. With more natural cleaners it’s safer for your carpets and your children and/or pets.

Process of Hot Carbonating Extraction

With the large amounts of water used in steam cleaning, your carpets will stay wet for longer and can take days to dry. Using less water will allow your carpets to dry much faster. The carbonation process gently agitates the dirt particles from the carpet fibers and the equipment used to extract the dirt and water will have you using your carpets much faster. Excessive water can cause mold to grow, so the faster carpet dries the better. Better extraction means carpets dry that much faster. The heat in HCE agitates and lifts dirt directly off the carpet fibers.

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At Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, we offer you a natural, longer lasting carpet cleaning solution than traditional steam cleaning. Our unique Hot Water Carbonating Extraction method gives your carpet the best clean possible. Contact us today!

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