How to Keep Your Commercial & Office Carpets Clean & Smelling Fresh in Plano, TX

Trying to keep the carpets in your home clean can be a real task. You are stuck following around small children that seem to drip and drop their snacks and juice everywhere. You also have to worry about the high traffic areas that are used by the family. These must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking good. Now think about being in charge of keeping the carpet in an office or commercial building clean. This is an even bigger task and for good reason. The carpet in an office is important to keep clean just as is the rest of the store. If an employee or patron feels that your company and office is not kept clean they will not want to keep coming. The carpets are a large area of the office and it can be difficult to keep them looking immaculate.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC Offers Tips for How to Clean Your Office Carpet

Why Are Office Carpets So Dirt?y: There are several aspects that make the carpets in your office a mess. The first is that you are going to have a lot more foot traffic from your employees and the patrons that will be visiting. The other problem will be from small children that you might have in the office. They are not as careful as an adult and they are sure to drip and drop their food and drinks. This will leave several stains that will need to be cleaned often. You also need to understand that most managers want to offer ways to keep the employees happy and one of them is to give employees food. A lunch brought in for them to enjoy is a great way to keep them from leaving the office and staying at their desk where they can continue to work. The problem is that this will increase the chances that spills and stains will occur.
Inform Cleaning Crew So They Can Clean Up Spills: One of the biggest problems that many companies have is that when a spill happens no one tells anyone about it. The don’t feel an obligation because it is not their own belongings. The best thing that you can do is to offer an incentive to the people that work there to alert the cleaning staff as soon as there is a spill. The faster you are able to get to the stain and the spill the easier it will be to clean it. Giving them a reason to alert the staff will get them excited to help with the cleanliness of the office.
Create A Cleaning Kit Box: There are some other ways that you can help keep your office floors cleaned and that is to have a cleaning box created. When there is a stain on the carpet there are times that it is important to get it worked on right away. You can do that by creating a box that has the items needed to do the initial cleaning of a spill. Be sure that you have clean white cloths as well as a solution to clean the majority of spots. You can have one of the employees in charge of the box to ensure that it is kept full.

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