How to Clean & Care for Large Area Rugs in Allen, TX; Rotate, Shake, Vacuum & More

There are other types of flooring in your home that need cleaning other than wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs can be removed and replaced when they get dirty, but that doesn’t to mean you should. Do you like your area rugs? Then keep them! All area rugs need is to to be taken care to last a long time. There are certain ways to take care of area rugs to extend the life of them and have them look like new and regardless of how long you’ve owned your area rugs, you can start taking care of them now!

Tips to Keep Area Rugs in Good Shape

Rotate area rugs. All homes have a pattern of traffic. The same paths are taken day in and day out. You walk on one side of them more than the other. So, area rugs get worked in different ways. If your area rug is one that has a design that can be switched in one direction of the other, then it’s a good idea to turn it on a regular basis so the wear and tear on it will be even. Most area rugs should be turned once or twice a year but those that get more foot traffic should be turned more often. This will help the rug last longer.
Shake area rugs out. Smaller area rugs should be taken outside and shaken out. Take them to an area away from your home and shake vigorously. To ensure you don’t get all the debris on yourself, shake the rug away from your body and away from the wind.
Vacuum area rugs regularly. The best way to keep your area rugs clean is to vacuum them regularly, very day if you can. This is even more important if you are unable to take your area rugs outside to shake them out. The height on the vacuum cleaner will need to be adjusted for proper cleaning. Avoid grabbing the fringes on the ends of area rugs with the vacuum cleaner. Roll the rug up of lift the corners to clean underneath. You might need some help. Different rugs will require different vacuuming methods. Wool loop carpets can fuzz and fray when they are vacuumed too often. The attachment tool can be used instead and should be enough to remove dust and debris without damaging your area rug.
Call professional area rug cleaners. When area rugs become stained or have other issues, professionals may be needed to take care of them. While you can buy products to clean area rugs, it’s best to hire professionals to do it for you. If these products are used incorrectly, you can damage or ruin your area rug. Professional carpet cleaners are trained to clean wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs. The best way to maintain the integrity and appearance of your area rugs is to have them spot treated and cleaned by professionals.

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