How to Clean & Remove Old, Set in Dog & Cat Pet Urine Stains & Smells from Carpet in Dallas, TX

When you have a new pet like a dog or cat you know that often times potty training them can be a process. When they are small the pet needs some time and guidance on when the use the bathroom and where. Even if you work hard the new pet will have accidents that can get in the carpet of your home. Old pets can sometimes lose control of their bladder as well. Even a few accidents can lead to stains and odors that can be difficult to treat as well as get rid of. The problem is that the urine left behind by your beloved critter is full of ammonia that if it is not neutralized it can cause major odors. Once your pet has been trained to not use the bathroom in your house there are times that you might be running late and the dog or cat just can’t wait. They can still occasionally make mistakes and if they are not taken care of it can be damaging to your carpet as well.

Heart of Texas Chem-Dry Outlines How Pet Stains Damage Your Carpets & What You Can Do to Clean Them

How Does Pet Urine Damage Carpets?: When you have any stain on your carpet, including pet urine or feces, they can be hard to treat. The reason is that some spills have chemicals in them that can be damaging to the fibers of your carpet. The stain can actually change the makeup of the carpet that can be difficult if not impossible to remove or repair. When you are dealing with a pet stain the liquid will soak into the fibers to start with. It also then starts to soak into the backing and the padding. This is why the odor from these types of stains can linger for a long time.
How to Clean & Remove Pet Stains from Carpet: There are some major mistakes that people make when they notice their pet has had an accident. You might run for the cleaner and start to scrub at the spot. The problem is that the cleaner that is used is just as important as how you actually clean the spot. If you use a cleaner from the store that has not been tested on your particular carpet it can cause damage. You also never want to scrub or rub a spill because that is the best way to damage the fibers as well as push the stain out even further. It is best to use a mixture of baking soda and water to treat the pet stain. The baking soda will help to pull the stain out of the carpet fibers, backing and padding. It is also a neutralizer and will help to stop the odors that are emitted from the urine or feces. You also want to call out a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the stains as well as the rest of the carpet. Be sure that you alert them that you have pets and you are concerned about pet stains and odors.

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