How to Clean Floor Tile & Grout in Cedar Park, TX; Sweep Before Mopping, Clean Spills & More

In most homes there are several types of flooring that is used. There can be carpet, hardwood, stone and even tile. These are some of the main types of flooring and each one of them have their own types of ways to care for them. If you don’t care for them carefully they can be damaged and stained leaving your home looking horrible. When it comes to tile there are really two areas of the flooring that have to be addressed when cleaned. The tile and grout are two areas that have to be cleaned and they have to be cleaned separately to be sure they are done correctly. Trying to clean your own tile and grout is a hard chore and can take a serious amount of time. This is why tile and grout cleaning is a huge service that is used in excess in every area in the United States. The professional cleaning service is the best way to save you time and get the floor clean.

Heart Of Texas Chem-Dry LLC Lists Tips to Clean Tile & Grout

Clean Grout with Specialized Tools: One of the areas that give people the most grief is the grout. The problem is that the grout sits lower than the tile and that means that all the water, spills, mess and dirt will land right in the valley. As it is allowed to sit in the area the grout will be stained. The stained grout cannot be cleaned while you mop over the tile. You have to use tools such as a toothbrush and a good grout cleaner to actually get in the space. If you don’t use the proper tools and cleaning solution you are not going to get the grout clean and that will not leave the floor looking clean at all.
Sweep With Broom Before Mopping Tile: If you have tile floors, the dirt, dust and debris show more clearly in these areas. There are not carpet fibers for these pollutants to hide which means they are visible just by walking in the room. If you choose to start a wet mopping method without sweeping you are creating mud! That is then pushed around the area not cleaning but making the tile even dirtier. Be sure that you use your broom to remove all the loose dirt and dust from your tile before you do any tile or grout cleaning. If you have a vacuum cleaner that has a setting for hard floors you can use it to remove the dirt for you.
Clean Up Spills on Floor Quickly: When you have a spill on the carpet you move quickly to start removing the stain that is sure to set in fast. The tile is not dealt with as quickly because you assume that there is not anything to soak it up. The truth is that the grout is porous and that will soak up the spill and cause a stain just like it does on your carpets. Be sure that you hurry to clean a spill as soon as you can.

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