How to Stop Muddy Dog Paws & Clean Mud Spots on Carpet in Allen, TX; Dirt Trapping Mats & More

When you have a dog you often need to take them out for a walk or a bathroom break. There are some homes that have a doggy door that is used by the dog to go in and out as they need. The dog in most homes are a real part of the family and included in activities and more. When the weather is bad and there is rain or snow you still have to take the dog out. The rain or moisture along with exposed dirt means mud! Now the needed walk that you took the dog on means that they have mud all over their paws. The dog then comes right in the house and that means those muddy paw prints are on the floors in your home. Typically, when people they see a mat outside the house will use it to wipe their feet off but dogs don’t know how to use a mat. A mat will diminish the amount of mud a pet will bring in but it will not stop it all together. The amount of mud whether large or small will be something you need to work on to clean off the carpet.

Heart of Texas Chem-Dry Explains What to Do When Your Dog Brings Mud In the House that Stains the Carpet

Wait for Mud to Dry on Carpet: It can be difficult to do this first step which is to wait it out. When you clean spills on your carpet that are not mud you need to clean right away. Mud is not one of those spills that need to be worked on until it has dried out completely. The mud is a combination of water and dirt and the water will cause the mud to spread out and continue to stick to more areas. The mud has to be dried out to get the moisture out so that you can have the dirt cleaned out of the carpet. If you want to have the mud dry faster you can always add a fan to the area to help it move along faster. Be sure that you give the mud as much time as it takes before you move on to the next step.
Brush Dirt Off Carpet: After the mud has had time to dry all that you are left with is dirt. The dirt will be compacted to the carpet fibers and that will need to be broken up. You can use a brush to break apart the dirt and follow up with a vacuum. You can also use another object that is hard such as a card to break it apart. It is best to take this a little bit at a time so that the dirt doesn’t spread out further. If you allow the broken up dirt to sit on the carpet and there is any moisture it will turn back into mud.
Clean the Mud Stain on Carpet: The dirt is going to discolor the carpet and you will need to clean it with a cleaning solution. Start with water and add liquid detergent to the spot to have it cleaned. You can use a cloth to clean the spot.

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