How to Remove Dog & Cat Fur from Carpet in Dallas, TX; Moisture, Electrostatic Pet Hair Collector & More

As much as we love our furry friends, the hair that is left behind is less than desirable. Many pet owners are constantly looking for better ways to remove the pet hair from their carpet. Keeping up with the amount of hair that accumulates from your pets can be a full time job. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, is here to share some tips that have proven useful when looking for ways to remove pet hair from your carpet.

Using Moisture to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Water makes the perfect hair remover because of its ability to make the hair heavier and therefore easier to pick up. You can remove pet hair from your carpet by simply wetting your hands and wiping the surface of the carpet. If using your hand to remove the hair from your carpet grosses you out, you can yield similar results with a wet kitchen sponge. You will notice the hair start to ball up on the surface of the sponge and then it will be easy to remove.

Sticky Surfaces Can Remove Dog & Cat Hair from Carpet

Another great option when removing pet hair from carpet is with a sticky object. Believe it or not, a sticky, Velcro roller can be a handy tool when getting rid of unwanted pet hair. Some curlers even have a metal component that makes cleaning in tough corners a piece of cake. You should also consider using good old fashioned tape to remove hair. Roll it around your hand and use your hand to pick up any loose hair.

Static Electricity Acts as a Magnet for Pet Hair

Rubber or latex gloves are a valuable tool in removing pet hair. They can work alone or to increase your success, get your rubber gloves wet before proceeding to remove the pet hair. The beauty of this tool is that static electricity does all the work. The electricity acts as a tape that makes the hair stick to the gloves. You can get the same results with a rubber broom as well as an inflated balloon. Another prop that you may not have considered is a fabric softener dryer sheet. To increase effectiveness, mist the carpet with fabric softener before using the dryer sheet.

How to Prevent Pet Hair on Carpet

Pet hair is much easier to handle when you don’t allow it to build up in your home. Brushing your pet’s hair regularly can be one way to keep the amount of pet hair in your home down. Another consideration to make is a vacuum that is made to specifically pick up the hair pets leave behind. Regularly vacuuming goes a long way in pet hair prevention.

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