How is Dirty Carpets Affecting Your Home in Woodway, TX? Carpet Cleaning to Remove Bacteria & More

A great investment to any home is carpets. Though they are a beautiful accessory to your room’s design, your carpets require maintenance and care to last. The basics of care include in routine vacuuming, immediately treating spills, and getting the carpets professionally deep cleaned 1-2 times a year is the gist. Unfortunately, neglecting the care comes with consequences that we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to share them today.

What Happens when Carpet Gets Dirty?

Pest Infestations in Carpet: Within in the carpets, there are a plethora of insects that imbed themselves. Ticks and fleas that will detach from a host to lay their eggs as well as carpet beetles, dust mites, bedbugs, and more can all be found in carpets. The more they are neglected, the higher the risk with many different types of insects easily infesting carpets. They reproduce, die, and eat the resources in the carpets since insects and micro-organisms use carpet as their ecu-systems.
Carpet Microbe Growth: From many sources, mold spores and mildew among other gross organisms are frequently can find their way into your carpets. It can raise some serious health concerns when the mold and mildew growth into the surface is not only repulsive. The carpets, padding, subfloor, baseboards, and even the walls can be an issue can see the microbe growth on the surface and out of sight. Controlling the moisture and ensuring spills are cleaned and the carpets are maintained prevents such growth.
Substance Buildup in Carpet: Common substances that buildup in carpet are shed hair, dead skin cells, shed pet fur and pet dander, along with dirt, food particles, beverage residues, and so much more. Among other unsightly characteristics, these contaminates, particles, and allergens trapped in the fiber continue to accumulate those carpets appear dingy and matted.
Carpet Odors: Since they are attached to many of the substances commonly found in the fibers, odors are highly likely going to get stronger. Until they become overwhelming, where the stench assaults nasal passages, the smells are often food and drink spills that were not properly cleaned up, same as pet accidents, and other such developing odors that evolve unnoticed.
Bacteria, Germs & Viruses in Carpet: Carpets can easily be harboring these threats, as they are contaminated with germs, viruses, and bacteria. There are up to 200,000 of bacterium per square inch can be found in dirty carpets, with E.coli or Salmonella being among them, which are health risks, according to studies. You can keep most of these germs, viruses, and bacteria, at bay, routine vacuuming.
Reduce Carpet Colors and Texture: According to color and texture to be cohesive with their furniture, décor, and/or color of the walls, many homeowners often select carpeting. Constant dirt and debris, substance spills and other such residues make the colors fade and dull. The textures are also impacted as they lose their softness and become coarse and/or matted.
Carpet Lifespan is Shortened: With the understanding homeowners follow the recommended care and maintenance plan, the manufacturers will project the lifespan of the carpet based on the quality. You can shorten the lifespan of the carpets by neglecting the vacuuming. The longer they last, the better you take care of the carpets.
Filthy Home: Unkept carpets immediately drop the presentation and give the impression of a filthy, unsanitary home even when the home is otherwise immaculate.

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To better preserve your carpets, look, condition, and longevity, ensure to vacuum your carpets as often as possible and once or twice a year, invest in professional carpet cleaning with the Heart of Texas Chem-Dry.

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