How Do You Keep Commercial Carpets Clean in Bellmead, TX? Monthly Dry Carpet Cleaning & More

Commercial carpet cleaning is much different than any carpet cleaning that would happen in your home. The carpet for instance, is much more durable than the carpet that you have in your home, but it also sees a lot more foot traffic that your residential carpet will. This means that keeping it professionally cleaned can be more difficult as well. There are several factors that come into play when you are thinking about the professional cleaning of commercial carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to discuss what factors that need to be considered when business owners ask how often their carpet needs to be cleaned professionally.

Factors That Determine How Often Commercial Carpet Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Just like most things, there is no cut and dry answer for how often you should have your commercial carpet professionally cleaned. Following are some of the factors that come into play.
– Foot Traffic: There are going to be some businesses and buildings like churches and schools that will require different commercial cleaning needs. This is all going to depend on the amount of foot traffic your commercial carpet sees throughout the day. The more traffic, the sooner you will need to have your carpet cleaned by professionals.
– Carpet Cleaning Schedule: If your commercial carpet is getting vacuumed every day at the end of the business day, you are going to be able to go longer between your professional cleanings.
– Spot Carpet Cleaning: When spills inevitably happen, are they being cleaned up right away? Spot cleaning is another thing that can help to stretch the time between professional cleaning as well.
– Floor Mats: If you have floor mats found at all the entrances, it can not only help you with professional cleaning, but it can also help you extend the life of your carpet. Make sure the mats are large enough that the first several steps by your patrons are going to be on the mats rather than the carpet.
– Age of Carpet: The age of your carpet is going to play a role in your cleaning schedule too. Older carpet may require additional cleaning methods used by the pros to make it look its best, and to help you get a little more time before you need to replace it completely.
– Carpet Cleaning Process: It is always best to have the carpet remain untouched after it has been professionally cleaned. This helps reduce the amount of dirt and debris that transfers to the carpet before it has had a chance to dry completely. It is best to have the carpet left alone until it is completely dry.

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