How Do You Maintain Natural Stone Floors, Countertops, Shower Walls & Backsplashes in Hewitt, TX?

For those who have invested in natural stone, you most likely have a few questions on the stone’s maintenance and care. Even though stone may seem strong and durable, it is a rather high maintenance material. Natural stone can crack, scratch, and even erode when not properly cared for and maintained. To better know how to care for your natural stone, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tips on maintaining and caring for the stone in your home.

Natural Stone Should be Sealed

Natural stone can stain. Stone has a lot of pores that all liquids can penetrate deep into the stone. If juices and or coffee spills on the stone, it will stain the stone. A stone sealer helps protect the stone from stains and erosion caused by acidic substances. However, even a sealer will wear down eventually, which is why natural stone will need to be resealed every six months or longer depending on the quality of the sealer. You can reseal the stone yourself. However, to polish, clean and seal the stone, it is recommended that you use a professional service.

Use Proper Cleaners to Avoid Damaging Natural Stone

For those who love using vinegar, lemons, or other DIY cleaners, you will need to avoid using them on your stone. Stone is vulnerable to acidic cleaners and that includes vinegar and lemon. You must use natural stone cleaners designed to clean and protect the stone. If you use these acidic based cleaners, you will ruin the stone and promote major erosion. It is very important to avoid DIY cleaners and only use products that are safe for stone.

Cleaning Spills & Dirt on Natural Stone

You will want to keep the surface of the stone very clean. Dirt can weaken and damage the sealer. Spills from certain foods and drinks that are high in acid will ruin the stone. You will want to quickly wipe up spills and keep the stone free of dirt and other debris. Whether you have stone on the floors, walls or countertops, each will pose their own needs. When cleaning the stone avoid abrasive cleaning tools such as a brush, ruff sponges and scrubbers. Always use soft cloths to clean the stone. For stone floors, use a dust mop to remove dirt and other debris from off of the floor. Additionally, when it comes to countertops do not stand or put to much weight on the stone or it will crack straight through.

Know what Type of Natural Stone You Have

There are many different types of natural stone used in homes and other buildings. There are marble, granite, soapstone and more. Each stone has its own needs. For example, marble is a super soft stone and scratches and erodes much easier than granite. Slate is a super sturdy stone with no pores and may not need to be sealed. Knowing which stone you have and doing a little homework will serve you and the stone well. Know what your stone needs to ensure you properly maintain and care for the stone.

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