How to Remove Mildew from Carpets in Robinson, TX; Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

When you discover mildew in your carpet, you will want to get rid of it right away. Mildew can stain, damage and leave odors in the carpet. The carpet will need to be mildew treated, and the stain and odors removed. To better know how to remove mildew and clean your carpets, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share what mildew is, how it affects the carpet and what steps are needed to remove mildew from carpet.

What is Mildew

Mildew is a type of fungus that develops on many different types of surfaces. Often mildew can get confused with mold. Where mold and mildew are similar, they are very different. There are different types of mildew that can develop in carpets. Downy mildew is a type of mildew that starts off as a bright yellowish color that slowly browns over time. A powdery mildew starts out white in color and will turn a yellowish brown color. Powdery mildew can even become black in color which often gets mistaken for mold. As the mildew turns different colors, it can stain the carpet. The mildew can even begin to break down the carpet’s fibers, which will ruin the carpet.

How Do You Get Mildew Out of Carpet?

Mildew doesn’t just affect the carpet, but the entire household. Mildew, like mold, can cause allergies, infection, irritations and asthma attacks. To protect your carpet and ensure a healthy environment, you will want to take steps to remove the mildew from the carpet right away. If you have mildew, here are the steps you need to take to remove the mildew from your carpets.
• Step 1. The first step is to inspect your carpet thoroughly and determine the areas that have mildew. To prevent the mildew from spreading, you will need to clean all of the mildew. Mildew also needs moisture to develop, determine the source of the moisture and make sure that the source has been corrected.
• Step 2. Once you have determined the site of all the mildew, you will want to vacuum the carpet well. Make sure you use a vacuum that has a HEPA filtering system. You will want to suck up the loose spores in the mildew and prevent the spread of spores infecting your carpet again.
• Step 3. When you discover mold or mildew in your home, bleach will kill them. However, you do not want to put bleach all over your carpets. You will need to find a commercial mold and mildew carpet cleaner. These cleaners can kill the mildew and be safely used on the carpet without stripping out the carpet’s color.

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When mildew is discovered in your carpets you should also seek professional carpet cleaning services. A professional carpet cleaning service can kill the mildew in the carpet and any stains and odors. They can ensure the entire carpet is cleaned to ensure all of the mildew has been killed and that your carpets are free of mildew. If you have mildew in your carpets, or need quality carpet cleaning services, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry today.

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