How Do You Get Halloween Face Paint Makeup, Pumpkin & Other Fall Stains Out of Carpet in Fairview, TX?

As we get ready for the scariest time of year, it’s important that we also get ready for the messes that are inevitable as well. There are several different types of Halloween stains you may find on your carpet after all the festivities have long since gone. Knowing how to remove them can save you a big headache as well as ruined carpet. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to talk about the best ways to remove common Halloween stains from your carpet.

How Do You Clean Carpet After a Halloween Party?

There is no way around it, Halloween can be a messy time of year. From costuming to treats, there are many things that can end up on the fibers of your carpet. Following are our best tips for safely and effectively removing Halloween stains from your home.
– Candle Wax on Carpet: Nothing will set the Halloween mood like candles throughout your house for your Halloween party. They give enough light that you can see the space, but just little enough that you don’t know what is lurking behind the next corner. When candle wax drips onto the carpet in your home, it can leave you panicking. The best way to remove it is to get a paper towel and lay it on top of the wax. Using an iron on low heat, you should be able to transfer the wax onto the paper towel and remove it from your carpet.
– Face Paint Make Up Carpet Stains: Hopefully you have chosen water-based face paint to create the spookiest costumes around. If you have chosen oil-based paint and found that it has gotten on your carpet, you are going to have to work to get it out. The best way to remove it is with white spirits and some elbow grease.
– Pumpkin Carpet Stains: Carving pumpkins is something that people of all ages look forward to every Halloween season. Finding the perfect shaped pumpkin to adorn your best attempt at a Jack-O-Lantern is a goal that people put serious thought into. Pumpkin on your carpet isn’t something anyone looks forward to though. If pumpkin has found its way to your carpet, all you have to do is mix some warm water with a tablespoon of dish soap to get rid of it.
– Fake Blood Stains on Carpet: Fake blood is one of the most effective ways to get the gory look you want for your costume. If you get it on your carpet though, it can leave behind a real mess. The red dye can prove to be a challenge when it seeps into your carpet fibers. The best way to remove it is with soda water. You can clean and repeat as many times as you need to until it is gone.

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