How Do You Keep Your Carpet Clean if You have Pets in Lavon, TX? Cleaning Dog & Cat Accidents Fast & More

For those who love animals and fill their home’s with pets, you understand the challenge of keeping your home clean. One of the hardest areas of the home to clean when having pets is your carpets. When they have accidents, your pets will leave behind stains and odors. However, pets can also leave hair and dander all over the carpets. They can bring in debris from outside and play with their favorite toys on your carpet, leaving drool behind. As much as we love our pets, cleaning up after them is a challenge. To help make cleaning up after your pets more efficient and safer, Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share a few tips on how to maintain clean carpet even with a house full of pets.

Vacuuming is Good for Carpet

To combat dog and or cat hair and dander, you will want to vacuum your carpet frequently. The average household should vacuum their carpets once a week. However, when you have pets, you will need to vacuum a bit more often. For those with multiple pets consider vacuuming your carpet every three days. With more frequent vacuuming you can maintain clean carpets. When vacuuming your carpets make sure to vacuum in multiple directions. This method ensures more hair, dander and dirt is sucked out of the carpet. Lastly, if you have pets in your home, invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. The cheap ones you can pick up at your local store will not last. To ensure quality vacuuming and to have a vacuum cleaner that lasts, look for a high quality vacuum cleaner.

Clean Up Dog or Cat Accidents Right Away

Dogs, cats, birds and other common indoor pets often leave little messes for you to clean up. These messes can include urine, feces, drool, and food remnants. These small messes can leave behind stains and odors which is why it is important to clean up your pets’ messes quickly. As soon as these messes occur, you will want to clean them up promptly. When your pet leaves behind a substance such as poop, vomit, or food remnants, remove the mass of the substance first. Then use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. You will need to press down on the stain slightly to help the cloth absorb the moisture. Then use a carpet cleaner to clean up the stain. When cleaning up after pets, never use ammonia to clean the carpets. Ammonia will encourage pets to potty more on your carpet. They can smell the ammonia which they think is urine. To prevent encouraging your pet to potty inside the home, use carpet cleaner, or liquid dish soap diluted in water to clean up after your pets.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

To help maintain clean carpets in a home with lots of pets, seek professional help. A professional carpet cleaning service can remove stains and odors caused by your pets. They have all of the right equipment and material needed to thoroughly clean carpets. For those with pets, you should consider seeking professional carpet cleaning at least every six months. If you have pets and need help cleaning your carpets, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry LLC and schedule our services today.

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