Are Carpet Protectors Worth It in Anna, TX? Prolong Life of Carpets, Prevent Stains, Improve Air Quality & More

For those with carpets in their homes or businesses, you may have heard about carpet protectors. Many people often wonder if carpet protectors are truly worth it. There are different types of carpet protectants and each are used for different carpet types as well as that it protects the carpet from different elements. However, the benefits of using a carpet protectant is the same. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share the many benefits of using carpet protectors and why you shouldn’t hesitate to have your carpets treated with a quality carpet protectant.

What Does Carpet Protectant Do?

Extend Longevity of the Carpets – With a proper application of a quality carpet protectant you can extend the life of your carpet. Carpet protectors help to reduce the carpet exposure to dirt, water, mold and bacteria. Your carpet will last longer. To extend the life of your carpets, a carpet protectant will help.
Carpets Are Easier to Clean – When you have a carpet protector on your carpet they are much easier to keep clean. The dirt and other particles cannot penetrate deep into the carpet and will remain closer to the surface. This makes vacuuming up the dirt far easier. Spills and stains do not soak into the fibers of the carpet right away which provides more time to clean up the spills. You will have less stains and less dirt affecting your carpets. Carpet will stay cleaner and look newer longer.
Improve Carpets Appearance – As a carpet protector helps to prevent stains and dirt, the carpet stays looking new. Carpet appearances look much better when carpet protectors are used. Carpet will not develop traffic patterns nearly as quick, and those gray stains will not form. To maintain fresh looking carpets, carpet protectors can ensure your carpet’s appearance.
Prevent Bad Carpet Odors – Carpets can develop some nasty odors. Pet accidents can leave your carpet smelling like pee or even poop and vomit. Carpet can also develop mold which leaves a musty odor in your carpets. As a carpet protector helps to prevent stains and moisture from soaking deep into the carpets, you can prevent most of the sources of carpet odors. To have a fresh smelling home, carpet protectors can combat carpet odors.
Improved Indoor Air Quality – Carpet is one of the major contributors for poor indoor air quality. Carpet can absorb dirt, pollutants and other contaminants which will be released into the air. A carpet protector can prevent those pollutants and contaminates from invading your carpets. Your carpet will remain cleaner, which means your air will also be cleaner. A carpet protector can reduce between 70% to 90% of contaminates and pollutants in your carpets.
Carpet Protectors are Affordable – Having a carpet protector applied to your carpet is surprisingly affordable. Often a carpet cleaning service can apply a quality carpet protector. It is recommended to have freshly installed carpets or freshly cleaned carpet have a carpet protector applied to the carpet. Not only is carpet protectors affordable, but they will help to extend out your need to have your carpet deep cleaned and therefore, extend the life of your carpets.

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