What Should You Do if Your Carpets Get Flooded in Farmersville, TX? Extract Water, Dry, Clean & More

When you are involved in a flood that effects your home in some way it can be devastating. The water can damage your personal belongings, furniture and the structure of the house. The devastation is extreme and most people don’t have any idea where to start the cleanup. One area of the home that most people assume they are going to have to throw out is the carpets. If you think that carpets are not salvageable when you have a flood you are wrong. There are several steps that when done correctly by a professional company, can save your carpets. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry outlines when and how we can save your carpets after a flood or water damage.

What Category is the Water Damage? 1, 2 or 3?

One aspect of the water damage cleanup has to do with the type of water that has flooded your house. The easiest type of water that you can clean up is category one. This type of water is clean and will come from a water source such as a faucet or water that does not have any contamination. The next level of water is category two and has some levels of contaminations that can be more difficult to deal with. The water will often come from the dishwasher or washing machine that has some debris from cleaning dishes and clothes. The last level is a category three and is the worst to deal with. The level three is full of bacteria and other debris that can be dangerous when you come in contact with it. This will come from a sewer backup or some sort of outside water from flooding or a storm.

Will Water Ruin a Carpet?

The thing about water is that when it penetrates the carpet it does not stop there. The water gets in the carper fiber, backing and padding. The water when left alone and not cleaned up quickly can start to allow mold and mildew to grow. These are things that can be dangerous to your health if not taken care of. It is extremely important if you want to save your carpets you need to contact a company that has expertise in water damage cleanup services.

How Can I Dry & Clean Wet Carpets Fast?

The most important step to saving your carpets after a flood or some type of water damage is to have them dried! The process cannot be left to Mother Nature and allowed to dry on its own. There are commercial grade fans that are used and set up in the rooms that have been damaged. The drying can take a few days which is not the last step. After the carpet has been dried thoroughly you have to then have them cleaned and deodorized to remove any remnants from the flood such as dirt and staining. It will also stop the smell that often occurs after your carpets are flooded.

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