Why I Should have My Mattress Professionally Deep Cleaned in Waco, TX; Remove Stains, Odors, Dust Mites & More

When was the last time you had your mattresses professionally cleaned? Did something happen that demanded a deep mattress cleaning? Mattresses, like our area rugs and carpets, need to be deep cleaned. Even with mattress protectors and bedding, the mattresses themselves can and do become dirty and need to be cleaned to ensure a good and healthier night’s sleep. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to put the spotlight on mattresses and share when they deserve a deep professional cleaning.

Is it Necessary to Deep Clean Mattress?

When a professional begins talking to you about deep cleaning your mattresses, often the question is asked “how often do my mattresses need to be professionally cleaned?” On average a mattress should be professionally cleaned about every two to four years. A professional can deep clean a mattress by using a powerful suction cleaner and cleaning machine. The chemical cleaner and tools they have ensure the mattresses are deep and thoroughly cleaned by removing any and all impurities out of your mattresses. With regular professional mattress cleaning, you will have clean and healthier mattresses to sleep on. Regular cleaning also extends the life of your home’s mattresses.

Need to Clean a Mattress After a Toddler Wetting the Bed or Other Urine Accident

Sometimes you are forced to have a mattress cleaned. When a young child or our elderly family members have an accident on the bed, you will want that mattress cleaned. During times of illness, vomiting on the mattress can leave them smelly. When bodily fluids or matter such as urine, feces, vomit or blood soaks into the mattress, it will leave behind stains and odors. Mattresses are expensive and are not something you can throw away after each accident. With a professional’s deep cleaning of your mattress, it will remove the stains and odor from the mattress.

Recent Bed Bug Infestation

Have you had bed bugs inside your home recently? You need to take steps in removing these pests from your home. With the aid of a pest control service, you can fumigate your home and kill off the bed bugs. However, bed bugs will hide and retreat deep into mattresses. To ensure your home is truly free of bed bugs, you will want to have your mattresses deep cleaned. Not only do you want to ensure that all of the bed bugs as well as their eggs and larvae are gone, but also their odor as well. Bed bugs produce an odor which is believed to signal to other bed bugs to come and join them. To prevent a future infestation, you will want to make sure the bed bug scent signature is also gone. A professional mattress cleaning includes vacuuming and cleaning all four sides of your mattresses which removes and kills any remaining bed bugs, eggs, larvae and their scent.

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We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, which means we spend a third of our life on our mattresses. For that reason alone we should always seek ways to keep our mattresses clean and healthy. If you find you need your mattresses deep cleaned, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry. We provide mattress cleaning services and much more!

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