Why Carpet Cleaning Maintenance is Important in Aubrey, TX; Longer Life Expectancy & More

There are some maintenance steps that extend beyond the basics, when it comes to your carpets. Commonly motivating people to keep their carpets well-preserved is when homeowners invest in high-quality carpets. Clean carpets are not only important for appearances, but it preserves the carpets and impacts the home’s indoor air quality and other elements of integrity. Bearing this in mind, we at the Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to take the opportunity to relate some of the care and maintenance and why it is important to apply these steps to your carpet care regimen.

Benefits of Vacuuming Carpet Daily

Though we understand that busy lifestyle cannot always make it so, it is advisable that the carpets get vacuumed daily. If this is unreachable, be sure to do it as frequently as possible and at the bear minimum, once a week. Vacuum often the carpets that do not look dirty and see little foot traffic. Whether it is dragged on the bottom of shoes, feet, and paws, or settles on the surface from indoor air, the dust and debris simply settle on the surface. A natural abrasive are the particulates of dirt and debris. Traction is caused from simple foot traffic. When these to elements are combined, you create a sandpaper-like affect that expedites the deterioration of your carpet. Not only causing damage, but the dirt building up makes carpet look dingy, dull, old, and will matte the fibers. Routinely vacuuming prevent the majority of dirt and debris from seeping past the surface and reduces the damage while maintaining their vibrancy longer.

Avoid Direct Sunlight that Causes Fading on Carpet

Ideally, preventing over exposure from the sun’s rays to your carpets should be incorporated into your carpet care. The color fades and the carpets dry out with long term UV exposure. If possible, re-arrange the furniture every 6 months or take advantage of window treatments such UV film, curtains, drapes, and/or blinds. Additionally, new walkway paths to even out the wear on the carpets can be beneficial if you re-arrange the furniture.

Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning

Every 6-12 months, carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning. The warranty is only valid with documented proof of professional cleaning in many cases. Professionals can get the carpets a deep cleaning while these trained professionals utilize powerful equipment and detergents. Making carpets look brighter and healthier, the compacted soil is extracted, stains are diminished, and odors are eliminated. The dry soil that escapes vacuuming settles below the carpet’s surface, even with diligent vacuuming, some dirt will be missed.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Waco, Dallas, Arlington, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

Professional cleaning and regularly vacuuming can help the indoor air quality improve in addition to the help it does for your carpets. Those that suffer from frequent asthma or allergies can find relief when the dust and allergens are not agitating the sensitivity of these conditions. Ultimately, routine care and maintenance is essential to keep the carpets lasting in beautiful, healthy conditions. When you need professional carpet cleaning, call Heart of Texas Chem-Dry and let our certified experts take care of your carpets.

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