What Will Remove Shoe Polish Stains from Carpet in Robinson, TX? Dry Cleaning Solvent or Other?

Why is it when someone needs to shine their shoes, they sit in front of the TV on your living room carpets and inevitability drop some shoe polish on them. Removing shoe polish can be a rather difficult thing due to the ingredients that is in shoe polish. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will walk your through the steps and give you a few different methods to remove shoe polish stains from out of your carpets.

First Method to Remove Shoe Polish Stains

This method will use a dry-cleaning solvent, liquid dish soap, and water. You will also want to have a sponge and a white dry cloth as well.
Step 1. It is best to react to a shoe polish stain as soon as it occurs. However, whenever you discover the stain, you’ll want to remove the access shoe polish with a butter knife.
Step 2. Use a dry-cleaning solvent. Sponge at the shoe polish using a blotting motion. Some suggested brands of dry-cleaning solvents are Goddard’s dry clean spot remover or Dryels.
Step 3. In cleaning the stain, mix 2 cups of warm water with one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap.
Step 4. Pour the mixture over the stain. Give the mixture some time to absorb into the carpet. Blot at the stain with the sponge again until the stain begins to dissipate.
Step 5. Pour cold water on the stain and blot it dry with a dry cloth. This is the rinsing stage. Allow the carpet to dry and vacuum to recover the texture of the carpet.

Second Method to Treat Shoe Polish Stains

If this first method doesn’t work; try this secondary method. This method will use nail polish remover, dry-cleaning solvent, liquid laundry detergent, ammonia and water. You will also need two white cloths, one for cleaning and the other for drying.
Step 1. With this method you will use nail polish remover due to the similarities of the shoe polish composition. Pour the nail polish remover on the stain.
Step 2. Gently rub the stain with a white cloth. During this step, the shoe polish should begin to break up. Make sure to use a white cloth to prevent the dye from a colored fabric to leak onto your carpets.
Step 3. With your preferred dry cleaning solvent, use a cotton ball and liberally blot at the stain.
Step 4. Mix together two cups of warm water with 1/8 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent. Pour the mixture on the stain, followed by lightly dabbing ammonia with a fresh white cloth.
Step 5. For the final step, generously blot warm water with a white cloth to rinse the carpet out. Go between a dry cloth and warm water until the stain is gone. Then allow the stain to dry.

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Shoe polish stains can be annoying and time consuming to remove, especially if it has been sitting on your carpets for some time. However, if you need help removing difficult stains or you need to have your carpet, upholstery, tile floor or area rugs professionally cleaned, contact Heart of Texas ChemDry. With our superior equipment and experience, our carpet cleaning specialists can revitalize your floors.

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