How Do You Clean & Remove Wet & Dried Coffee Spill Stains from Carpet in Beverly Hills, TX?

Coffee is a life source for many folks, constantly brewing to enjoy the fresh smell and to indulge in the rich taste. Some require to start the day where others enjoy it after a meal, no matter how often you like your coffee, with the cooler temperatures and less daylight hours around the corner, more and more will reach for the soothing cup of hot coffee. Whether it from a child or an adult, accidents happen and when that coffee makes contact with your carpets, time is of the essence. The longer coffee stands, the more difficult it will be to come out and coffee stains, especially when milk was added, the odors are even worse the stain. When removing the stain and attached odors, we at Heart of Texas ChemDry would like to offer some tips and advice on removing coffee stains and their odors from your carpet.

What Cleans Coffee Stains from Carpet the Best?

1) Blot excess liquid. As mention before, treating coffee stains the moment after they happened is essential. The longer it can fester, the more challenging it is to remove. Grab dry cloth or a few paper towels and commence to blotting up the liquid until the area is damp. Be sure while you treat the stain, that you blot the outer edges and work your way to the center. Using this method will help localized the stain and keep from spreading out.
2) Apply carpet cleaning solution. Sponge onto the stain the following concoction: 1 tsp white vinegar, 1 tsp liquid dish soap, and 2 cups of warm, not hot, water. Have a few rags ready as one will be used to lightly sponge the solution on the coffee stain and blot the stain, and the additional rags are used to blot excess moisture in between applications to ensure that you do not over saturate. Repeat the technique until stain is dissolved.
3) Do not rub or scrub stains with force. Too often, people attack the stains out of irritation or frustration among other emotions. When treating a stain always blot as opposed to scrubbing or rubbing as it will spread out absorb more into the fibers and potentially penetrate deep into the carpet padding. To properly treat coffee stains, always blot and if you want need to work a cleaner directly into the fibers, use your fingers and minimal pressure.
4) If the coffee stains lingers. Coffee stains are the hardest to remove, even with proven methods, remnants of coffee stains can persist. If the stain lingers after the prior treatment, try applying a baking soda paste. Create the past by adding small doses of water a little at a time until it is of toothpaste consistency. Frost the stain with your paste and allow it to complete dry; vacuum away the stain and baking soda. Stain and odors should be gone, if not contact a professional.

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If you have a coffee stain that will not disappear, call in the professionals of Heart of Texas ChemDry and our technicians will use quality equipment and detergents to effectively remove the carpet stain.

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