What is an Enzyme Based Carpet Stain Remover & How Do Enzymatic Cleaners Work in Princeton, TX?

Homeowners often turn to turn to enzymatic carpet cleaners to power through tough stains and unpleasant odors. Without the use of harsh chemicals or scents that simply mask the odors, it’s a great idea to learn how enzyme-based cleaning can help you power through pet smells and refresh your home. Using this powerful solution, you can restore your indoor air quality and enjoy long-lasting carpet. Today, we at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to elaborate on enzymatic cleaners.

What is an Enzyme Based Cleaner?

An enzymatic cleaner is a cleaner that uses an enzyme base, the most common being Lipolases, Amylases, and Proteases. Oil-based stains and fats naturally break down with lipolases. To remove starch and carbohydrate issues, amylases are used. Combat protein-based stains and messes with proteases. All enzymatic cleaners fight common issues that your carpet faces. By taking advantage of natural processes found in your body is how these formulas work. Enzymes in the body act as a catalyst on the macromolecular level, meaning they can encourage a chain reaction that transforms chemicals into something completely different. This results in cutting out protein- and fat-based stains and odors and restoring your carpet.

Do Enzyme Cleaners Work on Dog Urine & Pet Accidents?

Particularly if you have carpet, cleaning up after your pet takes some serious work. Pet accidents are always challenging to clan up completely. Letting urine, feces, drool and other contaminants create long-lasting odors and mold issues in your carpet but you can turn to enzymatic cleaners for efficient cleaning. The odors of urine, feces and other accidents are both thoroughly cleaned, and odors removed. Most cleaners often dull and mask the odors. The process may not be as natural or improve your indoor air quality when compared to an enzymatic cleaner.
It is important to remove the odors. When compared to humans, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other pets have a much more powerful sense of smell. A single accident on your carpet could turn into a routine latrine since animals take habitual bathroom breaks. By eliminating any odors on a macromolecular level, avoid continual problems.

What Can You Use Enzyme Cleaner For?

Common Stains for Enzymatic Cleaners. In addition to households with pet stains, enzymatic cleaners can treat other messes. With a wide range of messes and odor, these powerful cleaners work well. Enzyme-based carpet cleaning products can treat the common:
– Food and drink spills
– Vomit
– Urine
– Feces
– Blood
The thorough cleaning of an enzymatic solution is also appreciated with homeowners with infants and young children. This cleaner can provide excellent spot cleaning that reduces the need for a full carpet cleaning service every week or every day when used properly. Accidents, spills, and messes are removed without resorting to a full-service steam cleaning. For all of those in-between messes that can’t be left for months at a time or properly cleaned with a vacuum, use enzymatic cleaners.

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