What Causes Stains on Carpets & How Do I Protect My Carpet from Getting Dirty in Fairview, TX?

Have you ever had your carpet professionally cleaned? Most people assume vacuuming and tending to spills is all that is needed to keep the carpet clean. However, carpets can become very dirty through a number of different sources. Not all of the different contaminants can be removed with simple vacuuming. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry will share the different causes of dirty carpets and why it is important to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

VOCs & Pollutants Trapped in Carpet

Carpets have a large pile that captures the indoor air contaminants. The carpet can capture pet dander, cockroach waste, pollen and other contaminates. The air contaminates can be trapped in the carpets pile and vacuuming can help reduce the build up. However, vacuuming won’t remove all of the contaminates in the carpet and deeper cleaning is often needed to remove all of the contaminates in the carpet.

Bugs & Pests in Carpet

Pests can invade your carpets. Carpet beetles, cockroaches, and dust mites will live in the carpets. Pests can eat away at the carpet fibers, leaving behind droppings, and shed skin flakes. Pests often invade dirty carpets which is why it is important to maintain clean carpets. Pests can leave behind wastes which causes indoor allergies and even harbor serious illnesses. To keep your home safe and healthy, deep carpet cleaning is very helpful in this cause.

Mycotoxins in Carpet

Mycotoxins is a fungus that can coat and form on dirty carpets. Mycotoxins are a harmful and can cause disease and death in humans and pets. Mycotoxins come from food, particularly food that come from crops such as cereals, corn and grains. It is important to not eat around carpets to prevent the exposure of Mycotoxins.

Carpet Filtration Soiling

Soil filtration is one form of soil gas, but one of the worst soil gases is radon which is a natural gas that is underground. The radon isn’t the only danger. Pesticides in the ground can also rise up with the radon gas. Radon gas can up and through cracks in the foundation and become trapped in the carpets.

Moisture in Carpet

Moisture in the carpets is a major problem that can lead to mold and bacteria in the carpet. When you discover moisture in the carpet and the problem is never addressed, your carpet will become very dirty and hazardous. Moisture and other contaminates in the carpet will lead to mold or bacteria development.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odor Removal & More in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

To prevent dirty carpets it is important to have the carpets deep cleaned. Depending on the nature of the household, pet and/or large families will often need the carpet professionally cleaned every three to six months. A professional carpet cleaner uses a powerful carpet cleaning machine and quality carpet cleaning solvents. Carpet will be free of dirt, contaminates, bacteria, mold and more. By maintaining clean carpets the carpet will last longer and the home will be healthier. When carpet hasn’t been cleaned in some time, it is time to have the carpets professional cleaned. When you have carpets that need deep cleaning, contact Heart of Texas Chem-Dry and schedule our services today.

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