Should You Clean Your Rugs the Same Way You Do Your Carpets in Anna, TX? Area Rug Material, Fringe & More

It can be easy to get rugs and carpet confused when it comes to cleaning them. They are alike in many ways, after all. However, the way that you clean an area rug can be quite different than the way that you would clean your carpet. There are several reasons you may want to hesitate before you start cleaning your area rug. Heart of Texas Chem-Dry is here to talk about the differences between the two and why you don’t want to be so quick to clean your area rug on your own.

How Do You Clean Area Rugs?

When your area rugs need to be cleaned, the pros will take a much different approach to how they are cleaned. It is important that this is the case to avoid damaging your area rug. Here are some of the reasons you don’t clean area rugs the same way that you do carpet.
– Area Rug Material: Not all rugs are made from the same material. It is important that they are cleaned differently for this reason. Area rugs are constructed completely differently than carpet is. While carpet is meant to be installed and then left in place, area rugs are built to move around. It shouldn’t be any surprise that they are cleaned differently when they are constructed and made from different materials.
– Delicate Fringe: There is often fringe found on the edges of an area rug. If this part of the rug isn’t treated delicately, it can get damaged and look awful. When purchasing a rug, you need to consider whether or not you want to deal with fringe.
– Dirt on Area Rugs: Dirt can get stuck in the fibers of an area rug much easier than it can in the fibers of carpet This is why you often see people beating their rugs outside to remove this dirt. Not all rugs can get beat outside and will need the help of professionals to get rid of the dirt.
– Bleeding Colors: Many rugs are made beautiful because of the intricate patterns and colors that are used to create them. It is important that these rugs are cleaned carefully to avoid any bleeding colors and damage. The methods used to clean these rugs as well as the solution is important to get just right to avoid problems.

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To keep your area rug in good condition, it is important that you care for and maintain it properly. This means that you need to have it cleaned by the professionals at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry that will not only clean your carpet, but your area rugs as well. We are trained especially in area rug cleaning to ensure that they aren’t damaged in the process. You can count on us to remove even the toughest stains. Call us today!

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