Professional Carpet Cleaning of High Traffic Areas During Cold, Humid Winters in Lacy Lakeview, TX

There’s a myth about carpet cleaning that needs debunking. The myth is that cleaning carpets during the winter months is a bad idea. Some of the ideas that have led to this misconception include:
• “I need to open my windows, or the carpets won’t dry completely. This is hard to do when it’s cold outside.”
• “I spend more time indoors during the winter, and indoor fun won’t get my carpet dirty.”
• “I spend a lot of time outdoors. If I clean my carpets, I’ll just track the mud all over it.”
While these ideas may sound reasonable, there just aren’t many facts to support them. When you schedule carpet cleaning in the winter, it’s no different than spring, summer or fall.

Your Carpet Can Dry Fast Enough in Cold Weather

Professionals use cleaning methods that will have your carpets damp to the touch, not wet. Yes, indoor air exchange does help them dry faster but it’s not necessary to open all the windows in your home. Your carpets may even dry faster in the winter months due to the warm, dry interior of your home because it can absorb moisture. If needed, drying time can be accelerated with the use of air movers so your carpet will be back to normal in no time. Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning method, The Natural, relies on millions of microscopic bubbles to extract dirt and grime from the fibers of your carpet. This low water approach allows your carpets to dry in only 1-2 hours.

Carpet Gets Dirty & Unsanitary

If you like to stay indoors when the temperatures drop you may avoid bringing a lot of the outside in. But you’ll also be eating more meals at home. That means atmospheric soil from cooking and heating sources. Allergens can also become trapped in the fibers of your carpet. You’ll also be bringing dirt in from the garage and then there’s you four-legged friends. They’re good at tracking soil into your carpets. Improve the air quality in your home by having your carpets cleaned to remove all the pollutants that become trapped in it. Schedule carpet cleaning any time of the year to maintain a healthy home.

Carpet Protector & Stain Blocker is a Great Idea!

Professional carpet cleaning followed by a stain protectant will keep your carpets looking clean, longer. Stain protectants bond to your carpet fibers to create an invisible barrier against water and oil-based stains. That means your carpet repels soil that can create stains more effectively. Carpet protection makes your carpet easier to clean too.

How to Keep High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean for Longer After Professional Cleaning

How can I keep my carpets cleaner, longer after a professional cleaning?
1. If you track dirt into your carpet, clean it right away. Vacuum thoroughly and often to keep that “just-cleaned” look a little longer.
2. Remove stains, spills or spots as soon as possible. Carpet protection will help but no one wants spills to dwell for too long.
3. Maintain regular cleaning. Don’t wait for spring. Give your carpets, areas rugs, and upholstery TLC throughout the year.

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