How to Remove Old Ink Stains from Carpet in Bellmead, TX; Rubbing Alcohol, Dish Soap & Ammonia Cleaning Solutions

For those at home or in the office, ink stains can be one of the worst stains to occur on carpets and rugs. The ink can permanently stain the fibers if not cleaned correctly and immediately. Ink can be removed from carpet fairly easily. However, you will want the right cleaner and tools for the job and to treat the ink stain as soon as it occurs. Heart of Texas ChemDry will share how to properly clean ink stains on carpet whether you’re in the home or at the office.

Blot Ink Stain

When ink spots first occur, there is a universal first step to prevent the ink from soaking too deep into the carpet or rug. The first step is to blot the ink with blotting paper, or a simple cloth will do the trick too. Gently press up and down on the ink to soak the ink into the cloth or paper so as to not go further into the carpet. In the event of large ink spills from a print machine or etc. you can use a wet-dry shop vacuum to lift the ink up and out of the carpets. With most of the ink removed, blot again with cloth or blotting paper. There are a few cleaning agents that will remove ink stains. However, you will want to get to the stain while it is still wet. With the first step taken, most of the ink should be lifted out of the carpet. With that in mind here are the few different ways to clean ink stains.

How to Treat Ink Stains with Dish Soap

When cleaning ink stain with liquid dish soap first you will need to mix 1 tsp of dish soap with 1 cup of warm water. With a clean white cloth dab at the ink. For large stains, make sure to start on the outside of the stain and work inwards. Continue dabbing at the stain until it dissolves. Make sure to rinse the site with plain water with the same dabbing methods. You can use a dry cloth and press down on the water to help dry the carpet faster.

Cleaning Ink Stains with Ammonia

When cleaning the ink stain with ammonia, start by mixing 1 Tbsp of ammonia with ½ cup of lukewarm water. Put the mix in a spray bottle for better application. Put the spray bottle on jet, then immerse the ink in the ammonia. Allow the ammonia to set on the ink for a few minutes. Then use a white clean cloth and blot at the ink stain until the ink is gone. Again, rinse the site and blot the carpet dry.

Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Ink

To clean ink stains with rubbing alcohol, you’ll want to mix 1 part alcohol to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture on the ink stain. You will want to allow the alcohol to sit on the stain for 10 to 15 minutes. As the alcohol will lift out the ink, it is recommended to use cotton balls to blot at the ink. Discard the cotton balls once they soak up the ink. Continue using the cotton balls to remove the ink from the carpet, then rinse and dry the site.

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