Oriental & Persian Rug Care Tips in Dallas, TX; Rotating, Vacuuming & Professional Cleaning of Natural Wool, Silk & Cotton Antique Area Rugs

Oriental rugs are a wonderful accessory to any floor, enhancing the room’s décor and accenting the flooring, these rugs are truly a commodity. Caring for your Oriental and Persian rugs is necessary if you want them to last, stay in optimal condition, and to stay bold, vibrant, and beautiful. Today, we at Heart of Texas Chem-Dry would like to share some tips and advice on the maintenance involved in caring for Oriental rugs.

Oriental & Persian Rug Care Tips; Cleaning Natural Wool, Silk & Cotton Antique Area Rugs

1) Routine Rug Rotation. If your Oriental or Persian rug is in the path of high traffic areas, rotating it around should be done every 2-3 months. If these antique rugs are placed in a room where they receive little use, rotate it every year or two. Rotating the Oriental or Persian rugs help even out the wear from the foot traffic impact.
2) Avoid Direct Sunlight on Rugs. Sunlight can cause the dyes to fade, and the rug to dry out. To help prevent dramatic fading on your Oriental or Persian rug, block out the sun as much possible. Rotate the rug more so in rooms where it receives little traffic if the sun bears down on it. Keep blinds, UV films, curtains, and drapes on the windows that allow direct sunlight in and keep them closed during peak hours.
3) Rug Fringe Care. The decorative fringes on Oriental or Persian rugs will often become tangled and intertwined. Flip your rug upside down by grabbing one end and walking it to the other to fix it. Slight shake the fringes loose, and while they are laid out, gently comb them out straight.
4) Vacuum Antique Rugs. Like any other rug or carpeting, Oriental rugs require vacuuming. Dirt and grime needs to be removed often to prevent early deterioration, especially in high traffic areas. Vacuum the top well and don’t forget to vacuum the back side and be sure the beater bar is not rotating to prevent tears, runs and other degrees of damage.
5) Immediate Spot Removal. Upholstery, carpets, and area rugs need treatment the moment spoils occur, and Oriental and Persian rugs are no exception. Use only water to blot away spots. Due to the delicate nature of these antique rugs, if the stain does not lift away with the use of water, contact a professional to remove the stains.
6) Rug Padding. Oriental or Persian rugs are easily wrinkled and need to be more stability. Utilize padding to contribute to increased comfort and stability.
7) Avoid High Traffic Rug Pathways. We understand that there is only so much space in a room and due to the arrangement of furniture and layout of the home, natural pathways occurs. If at all possible, rearrange the furniture to create a new pathway to prevent localized wear, and to prolong the life span.
8) Damp Clean Rugs. If the Oriental or Persian rug has collected layers dust and debris the vacuum may leave behind. Gently wipe down the Oriental rug with a dampen cloth.
9) Airing Rugs. Odors can easily develop on Oriental and Persian rugs, especially from moisture. Every 6 months; allow your antique rug to air out in the outdoors. Any time it comes into contact with moisture, it is optimal to allow it to hang outside to let it dry.

Antique Oriental, Persian Rug Cleaning in Waco, Dallas, Harker Heights, Cedar Park, Allen & the State of Texas

Professional treatments and cleaning should be incorporating in regular maintenance of Oriental and Persian Rugs. Hire an expert to skillfully clean, sanitize and deodorize your antique rugs once a year, as often as needed to contribute to lasting longevity. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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