Is Professional Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Safe for Babies in St. Paul, TX? Remove Beetles, Bacteria, Germs & More

Before you have a new baby most people spend time locking cupboards, covering outlets and cleaning the house. These are all ways that a soon to be mother nests and gets ready to bring the baby home. One area of the home that is often times skipped due to some false information is carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning long ago was thought to be bad for babies and other small children. People thought that the baby could have an adverse reaction to the harsh chemicals that are used when cleaning carpets. They have reported the baby having a rash or even getting an upset stomach after playing in the freshly cleaned carpet. The cleaning solutions that were first used when carpet cleaning started may have had some harsh chemicals that could irritate the sensitive skin of a child. The cleaners as well as the equipment that is used in carpet cleaning today have come a long way. The companies are more aware of the environment and the safety of the cleaners that are used in homes. The eco-friendly cleaners and solutions are okay to use around all family members including babies. Not only are the cleaners safe to use around babies but it offers benefits to your family too! Heart of Texas Chemdry lists reasons you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned for a new baby.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Beetles & Pests

Some people think that running the vacuum cleaner is enough to remove the dirt and debris. Although the vacuum is a great way to remove surface dirt and other debris it is not enough to get it all. You need to have the help of a professional strength cleaner to get the deep down dirt. You also need to use a professional carpet cleaner to get the carpet beetles that live on the carpets of many homes. They are a nasty pest that eat the carpet fibers and can cause a bald spot to form. They also cause trouble for anyone that struggles with allergies and asthma. These pests are hard to get rid of because they hide deep in the fibers and are very small. They won’t bite anyone but you still don’t want to leave them untreated. You would never lay your baby on an ant hill so don’t lay them on your uncleaned carpets.

Can Bacteria & Germs Live in Carpet

Would you take your baby around someone that has a nasty cold or the flu? Parents want to keep illness away from their new baby at all costs. You may not realize it but germs that cause the flu can actually live on your carpets for up to thirty days. That is a month after the last person in your home was sick your baby could still be at risk! That is why you need to have your carpets cleaned before you bring the new baby home and after an illness has taken over your house. The heater water and cleaning solution can kill off the bacteria and germs that could be hanging around your carpets.

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